3 New Ways to Use Pomegranate Seeds

Add a handful of pomegranate seeds to give these snacks a colorful and healthy touch.

By: Food Network Magazine

Adding a handful of pomegrante seeds to some of your favorite snacks is a great and tasty way make them even healthier. Not only is this superfood a powerful antioxidant, it's also an excellent source of vitamins. Here are crunchy, salty and sweet ways to add a pop of pomegranate to your menu now.

Pomegranate Ladybugs on a Log (pictured above)
Spread strawberry cream cheese on celery sticks, then press pomegranate seeds into the cream cheese.

Pomegranate Goat Cheese (pictured above)
Roll one 4-ounce room-temperature goat cheese log in pomegranate seeds, pressing to adhere.

Pomegranate Gelato Balls (pictured above)
Roll small scoops of raspberry gelato in pomegranate seeds. Freeze until ready to serve.

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