Pekoe Citrus Tea Mix

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Medium container with 1/2 pound Orange Pekoe tea, loose

Small container with 6 pieces crystallized ginger

Small container with 2 tablespoons dried mint leaves

Small container with 1 tablespoon dried lemon peel

5 cinnamon sticks

Small container with 1/2 cup raw sugar cubes 


Special equipment:
Decorative container Tea towels Ball strainer Recipe card, see below for text
  1. Place lemon rind onto sheet pan and bake for 3 hours in a 200 degree oven. Line container with tea towels and place all items inside. The recipe card should read as follows: For a delicious pot of tea, place the following into the ball strainer: 6 teaspoons tea 1/4 teaspoon mint leaves Piece cinnamon stick Piece dried lemon peel Small piece crystallized ginger 
  2. Place ball strainer in teapot and pour barely boiling water over it. Steep for 5 minutes, add sugar as desired and ENJOY!

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