How to Stuff Sausage

Michael Symon shows how to stuff sausage at home with Food Network Magazine.

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Spoon the sausage mixture into the stuffer's canister and lightly oil the outside of the nozzle. Thread a hog casing ($13 for 1/2 pound; onto the nozzle, pushing it all the way back so the casing bunches at the base of the nozzle.

Pull about 3 inches of casing out from the nozzle. Crank the handle to push about 1 inch of the ground meat mixture into the casing.

Press out any air between the meat and the end of the casing and tie off the casing. (Use kitchen twine or make a knot.) Try not to leave any air between the meat and the knot.

Crank the handle to push 5 more inches of meat into the casing, pulling the casing gradually so it doesn't get overstuffed. The sausage should have some give to it; press the casing with your thumb — it should leave an indentation.

Stop and twist the casing a few times to form a link, then continue pushing meat through and twisting the casing to form 6-inch links.

When all of the meat is used, press out any air and tie off the casing at the end. Refrigerate for up to 2 days. You can cook the links joined together or cut them apart.