"Insta" Huevos Rancheros
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Recipe courtesy of Sunny Anderson

Sunny's Insta Huevos Rancheros

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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Total: 40 min
  • Active: 40 min
  • Yield: 4 servings


For the eggs:

For the beans:


  1. Make the eggs: In a large nonstick pan or two medium nonstick pans, add the butter (do the division if using 2 pans). Turn the pan on low and allow the butter to gently melt without browning. Once it is melted, tilt and swirl the pan to coat the bottom and the sides (this will help you slide the eggs out later).
  2. Ok, pay close attention: We are going to Frankenyolk these eggs. That means you'll make one egg have two yolks. (If you get lucky and get a double-yolk jumbo egg, go buy a lottery ticket.) Crack one egg into the pan. Then separate the second egg over a bowl, leaving just the yolk in one side of the shell and the whites in the bowl. Take the yolk in the shell and, using the edge of the shell, gently break the thick clear albumen (egg white) of the egg already in the pan and pour the separated yolk right next to the other yolk. Keep the yolks next to each other so they cook at the same time. Repeat this process with the rest of the eggs so you have 4 eggs with 2 yolks each. What to do with the whites? Make an egg white omelet the next day if you feel guilty. If not, how about a meringue pie for dessert tonight? Haaaiii!!
  3. Cook the eggs on medium-low heat until the whites are cooked through and the yolks are still runny. This takes a good 8 to 10 minutes, so be patient and work on the other steps. Brown edges on a fried egg are just wrong in my book. If the eggs finish before the other steps, just remove the pan(s) from the heat.
  4. Cook the refried beans: In a medium pot, add the oil and chorizo and cook on medium heat, using a wavy potato masher or wooden spoon to break the chorizo into bits to create crumbles like ground beef. Once the orange fat is rendered, add the onions, a tiny pinch of salt and cumin and the garlic and cook, stirring them into the chorizo. When the onions are tender and stained with the fat of the chorizo, add the refried beans and chopped pickled jalapenos. Cook until the beans are softened and loose. If they dry up a bit, add a splash of water or, if you are feeling slightly dangerous, add a bit of the pickling juice from the jalapenos. Keep warm.
  5. Char the tortillas: In a large dry pan (cast-iron, please) or griddle over high heat, add the stack of tortillas. Cook and flip in a way that once the bottom tortilla is charred, it moves to the top of the stack, flipped. Continue to flip and alternate sides until each tortilla has had a date with the bottom of the pan. Time to build your plate!
  6. Build your plate: Place equal amount of the refried beans on each plate. Slightly level them out with the back of your spoon. Sprinkle each with an equal amount of cheese and then slide a double-yolk sunny-side up egg on top. Sprinkle some pico de gallo around the edges so you don't mess with the yolks. Season each yolk with salt and a crack of black pepper. Sprinkle the entire plate with cilantro and spritz with lime juice and a shake of hot sauce. Serve each plate with 2 folded charred tortillas.