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Bread Winners: Best Sandwiches in Austin

Welcome to Austin, a city crammed with sights, sounds... and sandwiches.

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The Woodland: Whip In

Whip In’s owners have created a true Austin original, bringing together a convenience store, brewpub and Indian fusion restaurant and tucking them all neatly under one roof — then tacking on outdoor seating, to boot. The pints and live music performances may get customers in the door, but the food keeps them coming back again and again. Skip the entrees and go straight for the sandwiches, especially the Woodland, a subcontinental take on pulled pork featuring humane slow-braised meat from Richardson Farms plus mango chutney, feta and slaw.

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La Frito Loco: La Barbecue

Barbecue sandwiches are typically more barbecue than sandwich — so if you want to settle for smoked meat between bread, any number of the city’s great 'cue joints will do. But if it’s a beyond-basic sandwich that you’re after, La Barbecue pulls out all the stops with La Frito Loco. Essentially a Frito pie on a bun, this sandwich comes stuffed with two of La Barbecue’s oak-smoked meats (pulled pork and chopped beef), along with a show-stealing chipotle slaw, black bean salad and a handful of Fritos. It’s perhaps the only sandwich in town worth an hour-long wait.

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Grilled Cheese: 24 Diner

The measure of a great grilled cheese isn’t just the landslide of melted dairy. 24 Diner’s mix of cheddar and fontina on sourdough bread (which is baked at their sister restaurant Easy Tiger) may not be as gooey as some other grilled sandwiches in town — but what it lacks in melted mass, it makes up for in a perfect pairing of sharp and salty cheeses. Add a burst of char from the roasted tomatoes, plus the optional bacon and fried egg, and you’ll forget you’ve ever tasted a processed cheese slice.

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The Boss Hogg: Capitol Sandwich

When the short-lived Republic of Sandwich closed, Rosedale's lunch options took a bit hit. Thankfully it reopened as Capitol Sandwich in a trailer just around the corner from the original spot.  The new place has patio seating — and a menu that puts most of the city's other sub shops to shame. A standout option is the Boss Hogg, a massive Italian sandwich loaded with ham, salami, arugula, charred onion, tomato, cherry peppers and provolone. This tasty beast is best consumed alongside a side of kimchi Brussels sprouts.

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