Bake You Rich: Meet the Competitors

Get to know the batch of bakers vying for a chance to have their signature baked good sold nationwide.

Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Photo By: Jason DeCrow

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Photo By: Jason DeCrow

Anthony Billisi — Hollywood, FL

Anthony works for his family's business and considers himself to be a traditional Italian-style baker. "I'm younger, so I do put a little bit of a newer twist," he said.

Michael Feigenbaum — Cleveland

Michael is known for his Eastern European and Hungarian creations. "People are appreciating and wanting the authentic taste," he said. "That's what I'm selling. As much as I think all the trendy new places and tastes are interesting, I believe in the old world, scratch baking method."

Faith Osorio — Brooklyn

Faith is known for her southern-style, fresh baked goods. "The flavors that keep people coming back for more, that's what I'm here for," Faith said.

Heather Walker — Scottsdale, AZ

Heather is a home-based baker, but she would love to open a high-end bakery. "I think out of the box. I do different things," she said. "I am a huge risk taker."

Stella Kotsatos-Angelo — Warren, Ohio

Stella is the owner of The Cake Boutique which specializes in custom cakes. "We can do 3-D cakes, sculpted cakes, character cakes," she said. "I really love being creative, and I feel that it comes out in my designs."

Adalberto Diaz — Salt Lake City

Originally from Havana, Adalberto is the owner and head baker at Fillings and Emulsions Bakery. "I try to bring savory, sweet delicious pastries from every culture in the world," he said. "Everything aims to please your eyes as well as your mouth."

Blake Jackson — Shreveport, LA

Blake is the executive chef and owner at Whisk Dessert Bar which focuses on "classical French pastry meets really fun, playful southern attitude."

Carmen Portillo — Little Rock, AZ

The self-titled Beyoncé of Chocolate became Arkansas' first certified chocolatier in 2007. "I want to choclify everything," she said. "I'm an artist, and chocolate is my medium."

Alyssa Bleifuss — Seattle

Alyssa is the owner of The Pie Lady in Seattle, which focuses on pies and cocktails. "You'll have amazing pies, delicious cocktails and you're gonna leave happy. I just really want everyone to feel good," she said.

Teri Blevins — St. Albans, WV

Teri is the owner of Little Bit of Heaven Cupcakes. "I have been baking my whole life. When I was four or five, my mom and I spent a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen together," she said. "One of the greatest joys of my bakery is getting to take those memories from my mom and inspire the next generation of bakers."

Charlette Bell — Stone Mountain, GA

Charlette is the owner of Lady Belle Macarons. "My tagline is French flair, southern flavor," she said. Charlette sells her macarons mainly at farmer's markets but wants them to be world famous.

Andrew Mincher — Merrick, NY

Andrew is a baker at La Strada Restaurant in Merrick, NY. "I love baking, because I feel like baking gives me that creative edge," he said. "I make some crazy concoctions and desserts."

Nani Edry — Delray Beach, FL

Before getting into baking, Nani was working in the tech industry, but now he's making some truly over the top doughnuts at his own shop, Nani's Dough. "We're an exotic doughnut pastry shop. My approach is to go as gnarly as we can with doughnut flavors," he said. "I know that my signature doughnut is going to make me and Buddy extremely rich."

Gerard Fioravanti — Huntington, NY

Gerard is the owner and pastry chef of Fiorello Dolce Patisserie. "We're mainly a European-style patisserie," he said. "Food critics have always said that we're the best bakery on Long Island. Customers seem to agree."

Cynthia Knox — Baltimore

"My baking style is very simple," Cynthia said. "Straight to the point and good." Cynthia is the owner and operator of Cakes by Cynthia which specializes in custom cakes. "My cakes are trendy, but what really shines about my cakes is the taste."

Crystal Williams — Beacon, NY

Crystal's biggest culinary influence was her grandmother, Norma. "She was traditional, American homestyle, " she said. "That's the spirit behind our shop." Crystal owns and operates Norma's Corner Shoppe where everything is made from scratch. "We definitely bake comfort foods."

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