Behind the Scenes of Barefoot in Paris

Ina Garten goes on a search to find Americans in Paris, visiting expat chefs and a French chef who does American food. The trip finishes with a special birthday picnic for Jeffrey.

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The Makings of a Rustic Dessert

Although he came to Paris to study art history, Chicago transplant Daniel Rose ended up becoming a chef; he runs Spring restaurant and is opening two others. Daniel showed Ina how he makes "the simplest recipe in the world": a pear clafoutis.

Clafoutis with a Twist

The pancake-like batter of this clafoutis is perfumed with grated star anise, and Daniel garnishes the dessert with lime zest, which highlights the spice's aromas and flavors.

Get the Recipe: Clafoutis aux Poires

Cooking American from a French View

Gregory Marchand is a Frenchman with three restaurants and a wine shop in Paris, but one of those restaurants is Frenchie to Go, which is the first New York-style deli in Paris. Here customers can get French twists on breakfast sandwiches, pulled pork, and fish and chips among others.

Luxurious Lobster Roll

Gregory's French twist is using beurre blanc instead of mayonnaise. The rich butter sauce, infused with shallots, peppercorns and a bay leaf, envelops the lobster meat. His motto, he told Ina: "In case of doubt, add butter."

Get the Recipe: Lobster Roll

Ina's Cocktail of Choice

Although aperitifs used to be the predinner drink of choice for Parisians, cocktails are now de rigeur. A recent bar-hopping taste test led Ina to conclude the best whiskey sour in all of Paris is at Bar 228 inside Le Meurice Hotel. Head bartender William Oliveri has made them expertly for years.

The Key to a Cocktail

Sugar syrup, lemon juice and whiskey are all that go into making this whiskey sour. William's special touch is a brandy-soaked cherry garnish. "The key to a great cocktail is how long you shake it for," said Ina of the full 30 seconds called for in the recipe.

Get the Recipe: Whiskey Sour

Romantic Rendezvous

While Ina visited with her chef friends, she also planned a birthday surprise for her husband, Jeffrey. Before the two parted ways, Ina tasked Jeffrey with picking up a bottle of red wine and some goat cheese for their riverbank rendezvous later in the day.

American Classics with a French Accent

Braden Perkins and his wife, Laura, left Boston to vacation in France for a few months, but they loved Paris so much that they stayed. Starting out with a supper club, the couple eventually opened Verjus and now Ellsworth, which features classic American dishes with a hint of French cuisine.

Clean and Fresh Flavors

The restaurant gets fresh fish daily, and on this particular day, Braden showed Ina how he makes a ceviche from sea bream, similar to sea bass. Marinated in citrus juices, the fish is garnished with sliced radish, cilantro and corn nuts, and it's served with chile puree.

Get the Recipe: Sea Bream Ceviche

Storied Artisanal Baking

World-renowned bakery Poilane is on many travelers' to-do lists, as it was for Ina when she first visited in the 1970s. Now run by third-generation baker Apollonia Poilane, the bakery is famous for its sourdough bread, made with just four ingredients.

Slice of Simple Good Food

Helping out Ina for her picnic to celebrate Jeffrey's birthday, Apollonia made tartines, French open-faced sandwiches, which they serve next door at the bakery's cafe. This one features pastrami, arugula, cherry tomatoes and cornichons.

Get the Recipe: Pastrami Tartine

Parisian-Style Picnic Voyage

After making one last stop at La Patisserie des Reves for the obligatory French pastries, Ina headed to the riverbank to meet Jeffrey for a surprise picnic. A Venetian water taxi was waiting to whisk the couple away on a romantic picnic on the Seine.