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Ina and Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Love Story

Take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the most-memorable trips and cutest moments between Ina Garten and her husband, Jeffrey.

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Barefoot and in Love

Whether they're spending a night at home in East Hampton, sipping wine in Paris or shopping at a farmer's market in Napa, Ina and Jeffrey are always relationship goals. Keep reading to relive some of their best trips and learn some fun facts about Food Network's sweethearts.

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Cooking for Jeffrey

After decades of marriage and many, many meals, Jeffrey still loves everything Ina makes for him. "I don’t make things with octopus eyeballs. I make fairly simple, straight-forward food. He’s always liked whatever I make," Ina recalls. 

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Lovers in London

Jeffrey doesn't tend to like being surprised, but for Ina's birthday, he was ready to surprise her. "He took me on a trip to England and France to see gardens, which was one of the great presents I’ve ever gotten," Ina reminisces. 

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City of Love

Ina recalls "[being] with Jeffrey in Paris" as some of her happiest moments. 
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