Ina and Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Love Story

Take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the most-memorable trips and cutest moments between Ina Garten and her husband, Jeffrey.

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Barefoot and in Love

Whether they're spending a night at home in East Hampton, sipping wine in Paris or shopping at a farmer's market in Napa, Ina and Jeffrey are always relationship goals. Keep reading to relive some of their best trips and learn some fun facts about Food Network's sweethearts.

Cooking for Jeffrey

After decades of marriage and many, many meals, Jeffrey still loves everything Ina makes for him. "I don’t make things with octopus eyeballs. I make fairly simple, straight-forward food. He’s always liked whatever I make," Ina recalls. 

Lovers in London

Jeffrey doesn't tend to like being surprised, but for Ina's birthday, he was ready to surprise her. "He took me on a trip to England and France to see gardens, which was one of the great presents I’ve ever gotten," Ina reminisces. 

City of Love

Ina recalls "[being] with Jeffrey in Paris" as some of her happiest moments. 

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Back to Brooklyn

On a day trip to Brooklyn, Ina and Jeffrey took a drive by Ina's childhood home. While enjoying some homemade Smoked Salmon and Herb Cream Cheese Bagels, Ina reminisced about sitting at the end of her street and watching the trains go by. 

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Pizza Partners

While they were in Brooklyn, Ina had to take Jeffrey to Franny's, known for its Clams, Chiles and Parsley Pizza. While Ina helped make it, Jeffrey looked on until he was ready to help eat it.

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Farm Fresh in Napa

Ina usually leaves Jeffrey at home when she heads to the market, but while they were on vacation in Napa, Jeffrey tagged along. They picked up some fresh cherry tomatoes, which Ina used to make lunch for Jeffrey: Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta

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Fried Chicken Face-Off

Jeffrey loves Ina's chicken, but when they were in Napa, he had to try Thomas Keller's buttermilk fried chicken. Jeffrey said it was the best fried chicken he'd ever had — after Ina's, of course.

No Cooking During Courting

Ina cooks for Jeffrey all the time, but her culinary prowess didn't help her win his heart. "I didn’t cook for him until we got married," Ina reveals. "He had no idea if I knew how to cook."

Brownies Make the Heart Grow Fonder

"Maybe that was it," Ina says of the brownies she used to send Jeffrey in college. "Was that the clincher? That was the secret. The secret brownies."

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Deserted-Island Delicacies

"I guess it depends on what’s on the island," Ina says when asked what she'd make for Jeffrey if they were stranded on an Island. "I’d probably find some local fruit and I’d find some vegetables and a chicken and make him a roast chicken. Roast a chicken and roast vegetables — you know, you can survive for a long time on that."

Central Park Picnic

While spending the day in New York City, Ina and Jeffrey had a picnic in Central Park, enjoying New York staples like bagels and lox. In between bites, they reminisced about their first date in the big city: a steak dinner that cost $1.29. "I loved you at that moment," Jeffrey remembered. 

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Leave the Cooking to the Contessa

Jeffrey loves all of Ina's recipes, but has he ever cooked anything for her? "Not really," Ina says. " He makes good coffee."

Cooked to Perfection

With 10 cookbooks under her belt, Ina's tested out and tried plenty of recipes, but what about Jeffrey? "He doesn’t generally get to taste until it’s perfect," Ina says of her biggest fan. 

Happy Homecoming

Every Friday, when Jeffrey gets home from work, there are always two things welcoming him: Ina and a roast chicken dinner. "Who wouldn't want to come home to that?" Ina muses.

Meals from the Heart

"I love the process of giving people something that they enjoy," Ina says. "I think that’s really what makes me happy."

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