Season 5, Episode 7

Budget Party

It's high class without high cash as Michael hosts another low cost, high impact meal that will save you time and money entertaining. With recipes for Bean Cassoulet with; Fennel Spiced Chicken and Roasted Vegetables; Roasted Peppers and Pecorino Cheese; Toasted Coconut Flan

Day Before Party:

  • Roast Peppers on burner or hot plate. Steam roasted peppers in a paper bag for a few minutes.

  • Combine fennel seeds, white pepper corn, and coriander. Roast the seeds dry in a sauté pan, and grind the mixture with some gray salt. Put in a container and save for the party.

  • Peal, remove seeds, and tear apart roasted peppers. Season with salt, pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. Plate, cover, and refrigerate peppers for the party.

Day of the Party:

  • Toast shredded coconut for flan dessert.

  • Cut and blanche brussel sprouts for cassoulet.

  • Combine and simmer coconut milk, milk, and cream in a sauce pan for flan dessert. Add toasted coconut.

  • Slice and caramelize onions, Parsnips, peeled celery and carrots for cassoulet. Add blanched brussel sprouts and season with salt, pepper, and fennel spice rub.

  • Separate chicken for cassoulet, heavily season with fennel spice rub, and caramelize in pan.

1 Hour Before Party:

  • Slice pancetta, add a couple cloves of garlic, and cook in your cast iron pan. Once caramelized add white beans, chicken, and vegetables. Bake cassoulet.

  • Whisk eggs and egg yolks together. Strain in coconut milk mixture. Make caramel for flan dessert. Ladle caramel and custard into mason jars and bake in the oven in a water bath. Remove from mason jars after dinner and serve.

  • Slice pecorino cheese and add to roasted peppers with Italian parsley.

Eat and Enjoy!

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