Get to Know the Hosts of Kids Baking Championship

You know that Valerie adores everything lemon and Duff would put bacon on anything, but there’s more to the hosts of Kids Baking Championship. Find out what else makes these two tick.

Favorite Dessert

Valerie: Anything lemon, lemon pie, lemon tart, lemon bars. I like something nice and tart.

Duff: An ice cream sundae with wet nuts, cherries, hot fudge, whipped cream and sprinkles ... I wouldn’t say no to a brownie.

Favorite After-School Snack as a Kid

Valerie: Jello with whipped cream

Duff: Bologna and mayonnaise

Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

Duff: Indian takeout

Valerie: The French bread and butter at Petit Trois. The bread is out of this world.

Favorite Meal to Cook

Valerie: I like to cook breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.

Duff: I like cooking breakfast, but only when it’s for two.

Get the Recipe: Grilled French Toast with Apple-Berry Compote and Apple-Mascarpone Cream

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Valerie: Vanilla

Duff: Peanut butter and chocolate

Favorite Pizza Topping

Valerie: All meat

Duff: Pepperoni, but it’s got to be the super thin ones that curl up a little and get crispy.

I Never Make _______ for Myself.

Valerie: French Onion Soup

Duff: Peking Duck

The One Thing I Could Eat for the Rest of My Life Is _______.

Valerie: Pizza ... Can I change out the toppings?

Duff: Soft boiled eggs with Secret Aardvark hot sauce

Best Cooking Advice Ever Received

Valerie: I received it from Duff. These are the best tools you’ve got in the kitchen. (Holds up her hands.)

Duff: Keep your eyes open, keep your mouth shut and keep your hands moving.

It Wouldn’t Be a Party at My House Without ________.

Valerie: Right now, all I want is peace and quiet, my cats and a cup of tea.

Duff: Tacos and music.