How to Be Your Own Barista

Skip the coffeehouse with these easy hacks.

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No need to go out and stand in line for the latest trends in coffeehouse drinks. The Kitchen is here, and we're showing you three outstanding coffee ideas that you can make right at home. With these stellar tips you can “Be Your Own Barista”!

This first coffee tip is for the latte lovers. We combined one of our favorite flavor combos, peanut butter and chocolate, to make a protein-packed Peanut Butter Mocha Latte. Making it is so easy. Simply add 2 heaping tablespoons of cocoa-flavored peanut butter protein powder to your favorite cozy mug, along with your desired amount of sweetener. We used 1 teaspoon of sugar, but you can add honey, agave or no sweetener at all. Now just pour in 8 ounces of very strong hot coffee and stir to combine. We used a French press, but strong drip coffee will do. Top it off with your desired amount of frothed milk. The taste is chocolaty, nutty, and delicious. Don't have a milk frother? Not to worry, our next tip is for you.

Next, we have an easy microwave hack to make creamy, frothy, warm milk ready to add to any latte or coffee drink. You'll need a 16-ounce jar with a tightly fitting lid. Add 1/2 cup of whole milk and shake vigorously until it’s frothy and doubled in volume, for about 30 seconds. Next, remove the lid and pop the jar in the microwave on high for 20 to 30 seconds. The glass may be hot to the touch, so be sure to use a potholder to remove it. Now simply pour in the warm milk and spoon out the foam onto your latte or cappuccino.

Our last barista tip is to try a trendy new coffee product: mushroom coffee! The combination of coffee and mushrooms may sound a little strange, but the mushrooms add a pleasant and subtle earthy flavor. The coffee mix is a combination of adaptogenic mushrooms like reishi, shiitake and maitake which are finely ground and mixed with instant coffee. But what are adaptogens? They are compounds found in certain foods that are believed to potentially help reduce stress. There are many brands of mushroom coffee popping up in stores, coffee shops and online, too. If your goal is to amp up and relax at the same time, mushroom coffee might be for you!

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