Worst Cooks in America, Season 13: Craziest Moments

Relive some of the top moments from Boot Camp, including hilarious mishaps, epic cooking fails and bittersweet eliminations.

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

Started from The Bottom

Oscar's had a rough start in Boot Camp, but he can only go up from here, right?

Starting with Sweetbreads

Despite never having made them before, Bronson decided sweetbreads were the perfect ingredient to make for the Baseline Challenge.

Pasta Prima-Yucca

"I don't think I'm a terrible cook," Catherine said after dropping a sweet potato in the garbage while peeling it. "I just come at cooking from a different perspective." "Catherine, what are you making?" Anne asked. "Pasta primavera," Catherine responded while peeling a yucca. "With root vegetables?" Anne asked suspiciously.

No More Big-Boy Knives for Nolan

It was only a matter of time before somebody cut themselves. In Nolan's case, it was only a matter of a few minutes.

Patient for Pancakes

"He's been working on those for 150 years," Anne said of Ian's pancakes. "It's so much easier when it comes out of a box," Ian responded.

Red Line for La Toya

It wouldn't be Boot Camp if Anne's red marker didn't make an appearance.

Plenty of Pasta

In addition to root vegetables, Catherine's pasta primavera was full of, well, pasta. Enough to feed an army.

Gone Fishing

If you thought you'd never get a chance to see La Toya Jackson fishing for magnetic fish in an inflatable kiddie pool, Boot Camp had you in mind during week two's first challenge.

Seafood Tower of Terror

The first challenge in week two of Boot Camp was a seafood tower, and Ian was responsible for harvesting and cleaning the uni. "I feel like I'm working inside of a bloody nose," he said.

La Toya Learns About Lemons

"Half of that lemon, we're going to give that a squeeze," Tyler instructed La Toya while she was making a dipping sauce. "How do I do that?" she asked. "You're going to squeeze a lemon with your arms and your hands," Tyler replied.

Bronson's Blade Blunder

If there is one thing you can count on in Boot Camp, it's that if Anne sees someone holding a knife wrong, she will mark their finger with her famous red marker. "Nobody gets past Eagle Eye Burrell," she said.

Carving with Catherine

Catherine couldn't figure out why she was having so much trouble butchering her fish. "No, no. Catherine, that's your bread knife," Anne informed her.

Nolan Bates

Nolan was having his own issues butchering his fish. "Nolan, you don't have to Norman Bates it," Anne said. "Never hold a knife like that."

Maria Gets Sliced

Catherine used a bread knife to cut her fish, Nolan attacked his fish like a serial killer and Maria... well, Maria just cut herself instead of the fish.