Worst Cooks in America, Season 18: Craziest Moments

Relive some of the top moments from Boot Camp, including hilarious mishaps, epic cooking fails and bittersweet eliminations.

Bringing Down the Hammer

Boot Camp introduced us to a lot of creative techniques this year, some of which should never be repeated. During the first baseline challenge, art professor Dr. Lulu took an interesting approach to her mise en place. "Do you ever use a knife when you don't hammer on it?" asked a concerned Alton as Lulu used a meat mallet to help her cut potatoes.

Expensive Taste

Salon owner Leslie is a self-proclaimed Real Housewife of D.C., which is why she chose to go with a saffron sauce to pair with her halibut for the baseline challenge. "Somebody was telling me that saffron is expensive, so I just dumped it all in there," she told Chef Anne. "I thought it would've been better."

Bacon Boss

Monica was more afraid of the bacon she was burning than it was of her throughout the baseline challenge. Thankfully, she made it out without a scratch!

MacGyver's Pantyhose

Chef Anne had never seen anything quite like nurse Jolynn's cheese draining contraption before, but there's a first time for everything. "Alton, did you lose your pantyhose?" asked Anne. "We're draining cheese in it."

Tomato Got Back

Funeral home director and personal trainer Ryan is an expert on a lot of things, but one thing he doesn't know is how to cut tomatoes. "Are you supposed to use the back of a tomato?" he asked.

Ambitious, But Probably Not Delicious

As a Texas-bred New Yorker, Dakota wanted to bring a piece of home into the competition. For his baseline challenge dish, he took the ambitious route and decided to use an entire roast to make his mom's pulled pork sliders. "My mom normally makes this in a slow cooker, but it takes 4 hours," he told Chef Anne. "I'm gonna try to do it in one hour on this, uh...whatever this thing is."

Royally Burnt

Mom-of-five Bridget usually uses the microwave for all her meals, so the pans in the Worst Cooks kitchen were a foreign concept to her. "I kind of messed these up royally," she told Chef Anne after she burnt her chicken breasts to a crisp.

Buttering Up the Judges

While she was explaining her dish during the first baseline challenge, a spoon covered in butter flew toward Alton's pants. "The suit!" he cried. "I'm sorry, I was just trying to butter you up!" replied Shannon.


Alex once made her friends sick from serving them undercooked empanadas, so she thought she'd give it a second try during the first baseline challenge. "This is hard work," she commented to Alton. "It'll probably be harder to eat," he replied.

Minimalist Brownies

EMT Mike spent more time on naming his baseline challenge dish than thinking about its components. His "Beef Alfredo With a Side of Chocolate Seduction" came with a side of brownies, but the measurements were a bit off. "You're gonna need more than that!" commented Alex.

Mystery Meat

After asking herself "What would Reba do?" Monica decided on meatloaf for her baseline challenge dish. "What kind of meat?" asked Chef Anne. "Ground," replied Monica.

Is It Too Late to Go Home?

After the recruits were divided into their teams, it was time to test their skills with the first main dish challenge. However, Jolynn wasn't too pleased with the fact that the teams would have to break down an entire chicken to make chicken soup.

I Think Your Bacon Is Done

For the first main dish challenge, Alexandra decided to go big and make her bacon extra crispy. Unfortunately, the bacon wasn't cooperating. "Why is it doing that?" she asked.

Does It Need Salt?

After tasting his chicken soup, Ryan decided that it could use some salt. However, he wasn't sure of how much salt he should add. "If I kill someone from salt, I do have a funeral home I can refer you to," he said.

You've Got a Friend in Me

During week two, the contestants geared up for their first skill drill challenge by making fresh mozzarella to go with a salad. While prepping the ingredients for her salad, Alex put some walnuts on a hot pan with oil. "If you're gonna toast nuts, where did I tell you to toast them?" Chef Anne asked. Ryan had the answer, so he ferociously mouthed "In the oven" to help his fellow teammate out.

Bacon Boss Strikes Again

Monica's second attempt at cooking bacon didn't go so well. She forgot to put a pan underneath the rack holding her bacon before putting it in the oven. "You've just deposited all the bacon fat into the bottom of the oven," said Alton. "This is what's called a fire."

Cheese on Cheese

Jefferson wanted to express his love of cheese by grating store-bought cheddar over the fresh mozzarella he made to accompany his salad. "So you have this beautiful mozzarella you made from scratch, but then you grated supermarket cheddar cheese all over the top of the salad?" asked an inquisitive Alton. "Cheese on cheese!" replied Jefferson.

Consistent Confusion

For week two's main dish challenge, the blue team had to make croque monsieurs. Leo wanted to show Alton just how consistent he could be by weighing his ingredients on the kitchen scale to make sure they each weighed around the same amount of grams. "Is there a significance to this distribution?" asked Alton. "You could just eyeball it."

No One Is Safe

During week three's skill drill challenge, Chef Anne proved her eagle eye never fails. It was salon-owner Leslie's turn to get the infamous red marker.

You Said What Now?

The main dish challenge for week three was to make dumplings from scratch, but Lulu and Leslie were not too thrilled to find out that they'd be peeling and deveining the shrimp themselves. This is the exact moment they learned that the shrimp "vein" is actually the intestine.

Cheerleader Anne

Mom-of-five Bridget was also not very pleased with the task of peeling and deveining the shrimp herself; she does not do well with anything with a face. Luckily, Chef Anne was cheering her on as she rushed to get the heads off as quickly as possible!

Name Game

At the end of the main dish challenge, Alton was excited to hear the name of Mike's dish. "Mike, do you have a sassy name for this one?" he asked. "This is called 'Mike Jones leaves Chinatown,'" replied Mike.

Orange You Glad You Kept the Peel On?

During week four's main dish challenge, the recruits were tasked with making a citrus-based dressing to go with their side salad. Jolynn added chunks of oranges to her spinach leaves, skin included.

Crouching Leo, Hidden Dragon

Throughout the competition, the more Leo concentrated the further he crouched over his work station. If his body was bent in half, that's how you knew he was hard at work. "Does crouching help?" asked Alton. "Maybe mentally it does, but technique-wise it probably doesn't," replied Leo.

Quadruple Checking the Temp

When fitness instructor Kelly decided to check on her duck during the main dish challenge, she was a little too preoccupied with checking the temperature. "Come on, bird," she said as she pinched her duck 15 times with the thermometer. "Do what you're gonna do and get that door closed!" exclaimed Alton.

Onion Overload

During week five's skill drill challenge, Alton challenged the blue team to make some game-day sliders. Leo started off strong with his impressive dicing skills but got a little carried away with the number of onions he was prepping. "You've got enough onions, Leo," said Alton. "But Alton, man, I'm on an onion roll!" Leo replied.

Five Second Rule

Shannon had to make some quick decisions during the main dish challenge after she dropped her pasta in the sink. Since she didn't have time to start over, she decided to scoop it out from the drain and give it a quick rinse before serving it to Chef Anne.

Stuffless Chops

During week six's main dish challenge, the blue team was tasked with making fruit-stuffed pork chops. When Alton cut into Monica's pork chop, he was surprised by the amount of filling that was inside. "I think I got all of it!" he said as he picked it up with his fork.

Headfirst Dive

During week seven's senses challenge, Kelly forgot that she was allowed to use her hands to eat the chocolate she was trying to figure out the flavor for. Instead, she dove headfirst toward the plate. "You can...you can pick it up with your hands, Kelly," said Alton.

The Curse of Bobby Flay

"I blame Bobby Flay," said Alton. "Bobby Flay's like, 'Yea! Do Worst Cooks, it'll be fun.' Thanks, Bobby."

Naming Conventions

During week eight's main dish challenge, the recruits were tasked with making shellfish dishes. Michael never failed to impress with the elaborate names he came up with for his dishes, including the name of his miso mussels. "This dish right here is called 'Put the Guns Down,'" he said. "It's a metaphor for muscles."

Conversation for One

The week before the finale proved to be very stressful for Kelly, who kept talking to herself while she made her steak dish as a way to calm herself down and help her focus.

"Who are you talking to?" asked Alton. "If you make it to the finale is it gonna be like that in the kitchen?"