Worst Cooks in America, Season 16: Craziest Moments

Relive some of the top moments from Boot Camp, including hilarious mishaps, epic cooking fails and bittersweet eliminations.

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Photo By: Anders Krusberg

Potato Problem

For the baseline challenge, the celebrities had to make their favorite restaurant dish. Morgan was tasked with making chicken marsala over mashed potatoes. "I may love my chicken marsala that I pick up at a restaurant, but I haven't ever made it and it's very scary," she said.

"When you're making mashed potatoes, there's some hard "dos" and some hard "don'ts," Tyler said. "Boiling a whole potato, I would say would be a "don't."

Stone Age Kitchen

"I consider myself a survivalist cooker," Jonathan said. "I cook, it's somewhat edible and I've survived."

That explains why he ripped apart his prime rib like a caveman.

Pulverized Pork

"I'm trying to chop the meat and my arm is about to fall off," Kym said while making her pork shoulder sandwich. "There's got to be a better way."

There may be a better way, but a food processer is not that way.

Meat Meltdown

For the main dish challenge, the recruits had to make a steakhouse quality dinner which proved to be a major challenge for Taryn. "I'm a sides girl, but not, like, meat or steak," she said. "There's a big slab of meat and I felt like I wanted to throw up the entire cook."

Special Spuds

"These potatoes are too high maintenance for me," Kym said. "Now you want me to cut them and scrape them and clean them and talk to them and massage them? Salt the water so it tastes like the sea. Boil it, but don't boil it too much."

Baked Butter

Most people melt butter in a pan, but Jimmie had another plan in motion. "You're melting your butter in a bowl in the oven," Anne asked. "It's a new technique," Jimmie responded. "You have to always, every day, learn something."

Cow Down

After all the trouble Taryn had preparing her meat, when she took it out of the oven, it fell right to the floor.

Miracle Dish Cloth

"Whoa, whoa!" Anne said in shock. "Are you really drying that plate off on your boob?" "Just a little," Kym replied.

Wheel of Misfortune

It was game time in Boot Camp, and due to her lack of knowledge about coconuts, Taryn had to eat chicken feet.

Curtain Call

Taryn decided having to take a bite of a chicken's foot was more than she could handle, and that marked the end of her time in Boot Camp.

Billiard Golf

During a game of Boot Camp put put, Alec couldn't sink a ball to save his life.

Splish Splash

For the main dish cook, Tyler taught the celebrity recruits how to make a summertime favorite

— lobster rolls.

Live Lobster

"I've never cooked a live, living thing before," Alec said. "Tyler is pushing me into the deep-end of the pool and I'm going to have to swim."

Living on the Edge

"He's refusing to go and I don't blame him one bit," Morgan said of her lobster. "My lobster went down fighting all the way."

Run for Your Life

"I'm a little nervous about replicating Tyler's lobster roll," Kym said. "All I know about seafood is if it sees me and I see it and we make eye contact, I'm running the other way."

Chicken Chaos

Over on the red team, Jonathan was having his own struggles trying to replicate Anne's chicken dish. "I'm trying to be calm and cool and collected," he said.

"This pan is going to light on fire if you don't turn it down," Anne said. "This is also not the pan that I used."


Alec was almost done with his lobster roll, but he made one critical mistake. Instead of mixing his dressing in with his lobster, he put all the lobster in the dressing. "I don't want a very saucy lobster roll," Tyler said.

Green is Green

"Tonya, that's basil," Anne shouted from the perch. "You want arugula."

"What's the difference between arugula or basil," Tonya questioned. "It's green."