Worst Cooks in America, Season 15: Craziest Moments

Relive some of the top moments from Boot Camp, including hilarious mishaps, epic cooking fails and bittersweet eliminations.

Photo By: Scott Gries

Photo By: Scott Gries

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Photo By: Scott Gries

Shaken, Not Churned

Mother of three Allison must have been channeling her children when she attempted to make ice cream with this elementary school technique. "Do you think it'll work?" Tyler asked. "No. Not even a little bit," Anne replied.

Spatula Slicing

A spatula, commonly used for flipping pancakes or serving cookies, took on a new role during the Baseline Challenge. Caitlin thought using it to hold her meat would have an extra benefit. "The spa-tu-ler is pre-cutting the meat for me," she said with confidence. "Jersey chainsaw massacre over there," Tyler said.

Muscle Making Mustard

Brett, a competitive body builder, eats for function, not for flavor. What's his solution to adding flavor without calories? Adding artificial sweetener to his mustard, of course.

Earth, Wind & No Fire

It may seem obvious, but it's usually a good idea to turn the stove on when trying to cook a meal.

Sidewalk Accident

"Where is the pooper scooper?" Anne asked after seeing Brittany's attempt at a quinoa burger. "I cannot serve Anne and Tyler wet poop," Brittany said worriedly.

Cup 'o Cayenne

Chaz couldn't remember exactly what went into his wife's salmon cakes, but an entire cup of cayenne seemed like it would fit the bill. "What is going on?" Tyler asked. "My eyes are burning."

Busted Biscuits

According to Sponjetta, these are biscuits. "It's a little gooey, but hey, they might like that," she said of her self-made recipe.

Egg on Your Face

Did you know a peanut is not actually a nut? Cameron didn't and had to play a round of "Egg Roulette." The odds were not in his favor.

Ghost Pancake

Week two in Boot Camp was all about breakfast, but Antionette couldn't get her pancake on the plate. "I just got mixed up with the order," she said. But at least there was one positive. "Your compote looks good," Tyler said.

Potato Pancake

"It looks like you didn't get the technique on the pancakes right," Tyler said of Cody's attempt at breakfast. They looked like latkes and tasted like straight egg. "I'm going to have to hatch a new plan next time," Cody said.

Buckingham Breakfast

After taking a pass at pancakes, it was time for the recruits to cross the pond and learn how to make a proper English breakfast.


If you don't hold your knife properly, Anne will mark your finger with her famous red marker. You have been warned.

What's in a Name?

"You know what a blood sausage is?" Allison asked. "It's blood. It's like actual blood." Must be how it got its name.

Terminated Senses

Week three of Boot Camp was all about channeling the five senses through a series of blind taste, smell and touch challenges. Unfortunately for muscle man, Brett, his hand got stuck in the mystery box.

Avocado Legs

Terry and Alten were up next, feeling what appeared to be a crab. "Avocado shell!" Alten guessed with confidence. "What avocado do you know that has legs?" Tyler asked.

Cowboy Cuisine

After a series of sensory tests, it was time for Anne and Tyler to teach the recruits all about hearty and meaty dishes, just like the cowboys used to eat.

Fired Up

The read team's lesson was all about flambé. Who doesn't love a little (controlled) fire in Boot Camp?

Recipe Relay

Week four of Boot Camp was all about game day recipes and game day activities. The recruits were going to make meatballs, but first they had to compete in a potato sack relay race to grab the ingredients of a meatball.

Skinny Sacks

"Before we did this game, they should have made sure they had a sack for a really big guy," Travele said. "But you know what? I got this!"

Sandwich Showdown

After the meatball madness, Anne and Tyler taught the recruits the art of sandwiches.

Freshly Flambéed

"Last week, we learned how to flambé, so I'm going to take full advantage of that," Brett said. "You're like a kid with a new toy," Anne said.

That Grill is on Fire

For her sandwich, Antionette was making a classic grilled cheese. "I got this," she said seconds before her grill pan went up in flames. "You put butter on the grill?" Tyler asked with concern. "I thought I had it under control," Antoinette said.