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Here's Why Inflatable Pools Should Replace Your Coolers This Summer

We think these mini pools are the functional and stylish secret to summer entertaining.
by Allison Underhill

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One Of Our Favorite Air Fryers Is On Sale At Amazon

This Ninja air fryer can pretty much do it all.
by Allison Russo

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Wait, Why Is It Called Corned Beef?

Here's the real story behind how corned beef got its name.
by Leah Scalzadonna

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Trust Me, It's Time To Stop Using a Knife Block

Anyone who's serious about efficiency in the kitchen needs a knife magnet, stat.
by Alexis Pisciotta

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Food Network Staffers' Favorite Fourth of July Recipes

We really do love those red, white and delicious desserts.
by Leah Scalzadonna


Summer Break Bucket List Item: Visit ‘The City of Wine’

A sprawling museum dedicated to wine exists in France; they call it the ‘Guggenheim of wine.’
by Amy Reiter


How to Make Deviled Eggs Keto

With a few tweaks, classic deviled eggs are the ultimate keto snack.
by Leah Brickley


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