2015 Calendars That Look Good Enough to Eat

Look to these good-enough-to-eat options to convince you that the paper calendar still reigns supreme.
By: Kelly Lanza, Oh So Beautiful Paper

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get a 2015 calendar in your hands (or on your wall)! Of course, most of us have one on our computer or phone, but these good-enough-to-eat options (like the one pictured above from Lou Paper) will will convince you that the paper variety still reigns supreme.

Pictured above: Carolyn Draws
Pictured above: Red Cruiser

Pictured above left: Claudia Pearson; pictured above right: Maria Schoettler

Pictured above: Drywell Art
Pictured above: Pinwheel Print Shop

Pictured above left: Third Coast Paper; pictured above right: Rifle Paper Co.

Pictured above: Bug Town
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