Delta Is Now Offering Free Cocktails and Chocolates

Also complimentary 'Bistro-Style' Meals and hot-towel service — but, alas, only on long international flights.



Photo of business class airplane meal

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Remember the good old days, when flying coach was kind of fun — with complimentary food and drinks and a considerably less of a second-class-citizen sensibility? Delta is trying to bring back some of that vibe with its new "Main Cabin experience."

Starting in November, the airline plans to offer flyers free "Welcome Aboard" cocktails shortly after departure, including Bellinis made with sparkling wine and peach puree. Air travelers will also be afforded an upgraded, mix-and-match "bistro-style" meal they can order from a menu, choosing from a selection of appetizers and entrees as they would in a restaurant. They will enjoy their complimentary meal on a "custom-designed dinnerware" featuring improved cutlery and an actual placemat. After their meal, they will be served dessert along with a postprandial choice of coffee, tea, water or wine — again, all on the house.

Hot towel service will be provided both before and after the meal. And just before landing, flyers will be offered chocolates as, the company says, a "token of gratitude for flying Delta and a fond farewell from the flight crew."

The improved coach experience has been designed with input from Delta flight attendants with an eye toward creating "'wow’ moments," according to a Delta announcement.

Alas, there is a caveat — because of course there is. The upgraded amenities are available to coach flyers only on international flights scheduled for a duration of at least 6 ½ hours as well as a few select shorter international flights.

Those of us flying coach on Delta domestically, well, at least we probably don’t have to worry about the "wow" moment described this week — as a prank — by YouTube star Drew Gooden when he tweeted that he had been "sucked through the toilet hole" on a Delta flight.

Of course he was kidding, but Delta quickly responded requesting "more detail to what occurred."

Actually, we’re fine with no more detail — and can we please have our free Bellini now?

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