3 Ways to Make a Crisp and Juicy Pork Cutlet – Chopped Junior

Get inspired by Chopped Junior to cook a crispy, juicy pork cutlet at home.
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On this week's episode of Chopped Junior, contestants opened their mystery baskets to find a collection of unusual ingredients, including alligator, a century egg and cashew cheese, but for these young cooks, it was the familiar pork cutlet that proved a challenge.

Cooking a thin piece of meat perfectly can be tricky. Crank up the heat and add some prize money to the fire and something as simple as a three-step breading process (flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs) can easily be botched.

Done right, the breading can act as a shield, protecting the meat from drying out, while providing a crunchy texture. Want to become a master of this technique? Here are three Food Network Kitchen recipes that will deliver crisp and juicy pork cutlets every time.

Japanese-Style Crispy Pork (pictured above): In this recipe, cornstarch is added to the panko crumbs for an extra-crispy bite. Tonkatsu sauce and seasoned cucumbers complete the dish.

Pork Schnitzel with Cheesy Potatoes: The salty cracker crumbs in this recipe give the pan-fried schnitzel its signature crunchy exterior. Add a garlicky-cheesy potato on the side for an easy dinner.

Southwestern Pork Cutlets: Mayonnaise acts as the flavorful glue to the crisp panko crust in this recipe. Warming chili powder and poblano peppers give this dish a distinctly Southwestern flair.

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