Make These Pull-Apart Beach Cupcakes for Summer’s Last Hurrah

This adorable party centerpiece has been making waves (har, har) with beach fans and dessert lovers alike this summer. It was our most popular pin back in July, and 10 million of you watched when we showed you how to make it on Facebook — and then you showed us your own inspired renditions!

So clearly, if you’re planning an end-of-summer bash, you should include this playful crowd-pleaser on your buffet. The assembly is easy: Bake cupcakes in wafer cones and frost them in a group, so that half become the sand and the other half become the ocean. And when it comes to the details (swimming bears, gummy candy trees, mini beach umbrellas), the breadth of the decor is totally up to you — but, we say, the more colorful the better.

Watch it come together in the video below and get the full recipe for our Pull-Apart Beach Cupcakes here.

Need more ideas for the end of summer? Try our mason jar mini pies, beer gelatin shots, or rainbow deviled eggs.

Pull-Apart Beach Cupcakes
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