This Pie Is the Halloween Treat that Unites My Whole Family

Even if we can't agree on the status of candy corn.

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Layered Candy Corn Pie

Layered Candy Corn Pie

I’ve never understood my mom’s fascination with candy corn. Every October without fail she runs to the nearest grocery store and buys an entire shopping basket full of the multicolored candies. And while I don’t necessarily hate candy corn per se, I’ve always been baffled by her ability to eat fistful after fistful without getting a stomachache. Seriously, where does she put it all?!

Though I probably won’t ever count the sugary taste of candy corn as one of my all-time favorite flavors, I will admit that, like my mom, I am a big fan of how candy corn looks. There’s just something about its vibrant white, orange and yellow hue that’s super inviting and appealing to the eye. In the words of my mom it’s like “each triangle is a miniature ray of sunshine.” And honestly that’s the very best way to describe Food Network Kitchen’s Layered Candy Corn Pie (pictured above): sunshine in a vanilla cookie crumb crust.

Though the pie doesn’t actually taste like candy corn (you will use a few pieces on top), it looks so much like the classic Halloween treat that even non-candy corn lovers like myself will want to grab a giant slice. The very best part of all is that each of the pie’s ultra-vibrant layers is naturally colored with zesty lemon juice, fresh mango pieces and creamy coconut milk respectively, so you don’t need to worry about any artificial colors or flavors either.

As if all that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get to use a kitchen torch to toast your fluffy meringue topping, so if you’re looking for an all-day baking project to occupy yourself this month, this memorizing and tropical pie is a must.

My mom and I are planning on making our very own this upcoming Halloween.
The only catch is that she gets to decide just how much candy corn we’ll use for the pie’s adorable garnish. I have a sneaking suspicion an entire bag — or three — will do the trick.

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