This Is the Unexpected Way That I Get My Fill of Pumpkin In the Fall

Who knew that the best part of the pumpkin was the seeds?!

October 12, 2020
Food Network Kitchen’s Superfood Chocolate Bark.

Food Network Kitchen’s Superfood Chocolate Bark.

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

Sure we're all sipping on our PSL’s and going pumpkin picking but did you know that there's another way to get your fill of pumpkin this season? It's pumpkin seeds!

When you think of pumpkin seeds your first thought is probably the roasted ones that are great for snacking. And, while you might think that roasted pumpkin seeds are pretty basic but there are so many recipes that you can follow to turn them into a super-flavorful snack: Katie Lee’s Spiced Pumpkin Seeds, Food Network’s Sriracha Honey Pumpkin Seeds, and a classic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, to name a few.

But there's another type of pumpkin seeds — the ones that I can't get enough of — the small, green, hulled seeds called 'pepitas'. They're easy to incorporate into your baking and cooking — giving some of your favorite recipes even more fall-inspired flavor. Here's how I like to fill up on pepitas:

Superfood Chocolate Bark (image above)

This crunchy and sweet treat will satisfy all your chocolate cravings with its creamy flavor and colorful mix of seeds and dried fruit — which, of course, includes raw pumpkin seeds.

As seen on Food Network Kitchen

As seen on Food Network Kitchen

Upgrade your boring chicken fingers into a surprising, crispy, seasonal treat! Bread the chicken into a panko-pumpkin-poppy-sesame seed combo for a crusty outside and a juicy inside when baking.

It’s never too late to grill! Take summer’s favorite veggie and transform it into the perfect fall appetizer by tossing it with tasty, brown sugar-bourbon pumpkin seeds.

(Well) Party FEATURE_ Cookie Countdown



Oatmeal cookies are the best cookies to load up with mix-ins — they can handle even the chunkiest ingredients. Green pumpkin seeds will not only create a nice crunch but they'll add a nice pop of buttery flavor, too.

Thanksgiving Cookbook and Cover



Roasted veggies on a brisk fall day? Sign me up! This dish celebrates the autumn weather by incorporating savory pumpkin seeds as well.

This recipe uses pureed pumpkin for the muffin batter (it’s okay — it comes in a can!!) and pumpkin seeds for topping, giving these sweet treats two times the pumpkin flavor.

All the wonderful flavors of fall come together in this one-pot chili dish! This hearty and flavorful meal will satisfy your family (and make use of any leftover pantry items!!)

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