This Coffee Is How I Get My Pumpkin Spice Fix Year-Round

Because, to me, "pumpkin spice season" lasts well past November.

September 17, 2020
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I’m not exaggerating when I say that I love (like, really love), pumpkin spice lattes. My first sip of a PSL was on my very first day of college — I probably drank close to 60 of them during that semester. But as with any seasonal food item, my obsession with the sweet and spicy drink was pretty short-lived; by Thanksgiving, the PSL all but disappeared from most coffee shop menus, and by January I couldn’t find it anywhere, even in grocery stores. And believe me, I tried. I spent the rest of that year — and several subsequent years after that — counting down the days until its return the following fall. Only for the cycle to repeat itself year after year.

However, this year, everything is different. Chicago French Press, a coffee company with tons of flavored coffee offerings, clearly knows that the short pumpkin flavor season is a problem that needs solving. Not only does the company sell pumpkin spice flavored-coffee year-round (yes, my fellow pumpkin-heads, you read that correctly!), it’s so wonderfully aromatic and tasty that it puts all those artificially flavored pumpkin-spice coffees I had been drinking for years to absolute shame.

Available in whole bean, drip, French Press grind and Keurig grind, the true magic behind every batch of Chicago French Press coffee is that they’re flavored by hand. This means that absolutely each and every flavor — from their perfect-for-fall Caramel Apple, to their ultra-refreshing Lemon Brulee, to their dessert-like Snicker Doodle — tastes exactly like what’s printed on the front of its super-chic and colorful bags.

Nowhere is this more evident than with their Pumpkin Spice coffee. From the very moment I opened my first bag, I knew I had met my new favorite way to satisfy my year-round pumpkin spice craving. With easily identifiable notes of nutmeg, allspice and clove, the cozy medium roast is literally a pumpkin-lovers dream come true and tastes just like a yummy slice of pumpkin pie. In fact, the coffee was so delicious and so flavorful that I didn’t even need a drop of sugar or creamer to enjoy it — how many other coffee brands can you say that about?!

Chicago French Press is also devoted to “grinding for a cause” and donates 5% of all their proceeds annually to charitable programs like the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s, #TheTakeBack and The Simple Good Organization. This means that with every purchase you make, you’ll not only be getting a phenomenal cup of coffee, you’ll also be helping those in need.

Trust me — whether you’re a devoted pumpkin coffee lover like I am, or you just want to try some new flavored coffees this season, Chicago French Press is an absolute must-buy.

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