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Food Home Remedies That Actually Work

Can you really eat your way to better health? Find out the truth about these classic home remedies.

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Skin Health

Want clear, glowing skin? Certain foods, like matcha and green tea, may be the key.

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Dairy and Acne

Believed by some to be skin's worst enemy, dairy may not be a huge culprit when it comes to acne flare ups. While there is data to the contrary, some dermatologists still think there is a need for some folks to dial back on the dairy intake. For some people who are more susceptible, the spikes in insulin caused by dairy consumption can exacerbate acne and skim milk may actually be worse than whole milk.

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Green Tea and Clear Complexion

Sip on modest amounts of green tea and other matcha products to help promote skin health. Drinking more fluids, including tea, can help promote a well-hydrated complexion, plus caffeine promotes circulation and compounds in the tea leaves are potent anti-inflammatories.

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Heart and Kidney Health

Promote the health of these vital organs with wholesome fish, berries and oils.

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