Should You Be Using Avocado Oil Instead of Olive Oil?

We taste tested and cooked with avocado oil to see if it beats out olive oil for a spot in our pantry.

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June 10, 2019

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As someone who regularly writes about food and cooking, I’d like to think I have a solid grasp on the latest and greatest food trends. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw one of my favorite food Instagrammers use avocado oil to prep a baking sheet for her chipless nachos recipe.

I’ve heard of vegetable oil and sesame oil, but avocado? Shouldn’t that go on top of your nachos? If I’m being totally honest, I thought it was one of those of over-hyped trends that are a flash in the foodie pan and have no nutritional value.

But after talking to an expert and giving the trend a try, I quickly learned that I was wrong.

For starters, avocado oil can be the perfect base for just about any dish.

“Although there are several other healthy oil options, such as olive oil, walnut oil, and sesame oil, avocado is a multipurpose star in the kitchen for its high smoke point of 520 degrees F and also it’s neutral taste," explains Jamie Miller, the registered dietitian for the Village Health Clubs and Spas in Phoenix, Arizona. “That means we can grill, sear or pan fry with it at high temperatures, but also use its neutral flavors to make sauces and dips or even bake with it.”

Curious to try the trend myself, I picked up a bottle of Chosen Food’s Avocado Oil Spray and was pleasantly surprised.

You see, I religiously use quality olive oil, but I frequently wind up with an upset stomach whenever I put too much oil on the pan. Chosen Food’s spray nozzle made it easy to cover my pan in a light coating — nothing more or less. Whether frying an egg, sautéing vegetables or whipping up my trusty cauliflower fried rice, I noticed my meals cooked just as nicely and evenly as they do with olive oil. Best of all, I didn’t find avocado oil to have a guacamole-like aftertaste. If I didn’t prepare the meal myself, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference.

But its ease is only one if avocado oil’s many perks. Turns out, it’s good for you, too.

“Unlike many other cooking spray products, Chosen Food Avocado Oil Spray’s only ingredient is heart healthy avocado oil with no added GMO oils,” Miller says. “It also is free of harmful additives, propellants, emulsifiers or other chemicals.”

Speaking of its health benefits, Miller adds that Chosen Food’s spray makes it easy to keep fats and calories to a minimum.

Will I ditch my precious olive oil for this avocado alternative? While I love avocado oil so far, I think there are some dishes (read: pasta) that would fare better with olive oil. Realistically, I’ll probably use them both.

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