How to Cut a Mango

All that juicy goodness can also make a mango slippery to prep and hold. Food Network Kitchen shows you how to (safely!) peel and cut this favorite fruit.

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To Start

To slice and dice a mango: Cut a thin slice off the bottom of the mango so you can stand it securely on a cutting board.

Peel the Skin

Use a vegetable peeler (a Y-shaped one works especially well here) and peel the mango, leaving a 2-inch patch of peel on each side.

Cut the Sides

Stand the mango up and hold it with one hand, using the patches as your grip. Cut each side off the flat pit.

Peel the Patches

Now peel off the patches, too.

Cut into Chunks

Slice the mango halves into strips, and then cut into chunks.

Cut Without Peeling

To hedgehog-cut a mango: Stand the unpeeled mango up and cut each side off the flat pit.

Score the Mango Flesh

Position a mango half on a cutting board skin side-down and use a knife to score the flesh in a cross-hatch (diamond) pattern about three-quarters of the way through; take care not to cut all the way through the skin.

Invert the Mango Skin

Turn each scored half inside-out so that it looks like the back of a hedgehog. Use a knife to slice away the individual pieces of mango from the peel. (Snack on the remaining mango around the pit!)

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