12 Kitchen Tools You Don’t Want to Forget About When Moving Into a New Home

Essential purchases for your new kitchen!

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June 14, 2022

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When you’re moving, the chaos of a major life change can make it easy to forget the little things you may need in your day-to-day life. This includes the little things you need for your new kitchen! Below is a list of some of the kitchen essentials we’ve all forgotten when packing. Whether you’ve just stepped into your new home or are getting ready for the big move, check out the products below to make sure they’re on your list.


Whether you’re making lemonade, adding some flavor to your favorite guacamole recipe or freshening up your ice water, the citrus juicer is essential. This small, colorful product, which was our favorite juicer in testing, will help you easily get the most juice out of your citrus fruit.

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Moving is the perfect opportunity to add some organization to your life. These airtight food storage containers will not only keep your food fresh but help you organize all of your snacks and ingredients. These are the first step on the way to your dream pantry!

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This 3-in-1 avocado tool splits, pits, slices and scoops avocado. You’ll now be able to get your guac ready to go without a spoon or a knife, and no more stress about getting out that pesky pit! What’s better than quick and easy avocado toast in the morning?

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You would be surprised how easy it is to forget a food scale — and how helpful they can be when you’re trying out new recipes. This high-precision kitchen food scale comes equipped with multi-unit conversions, a tare function, a backlit LCD display and a stainless-steel platform. This scale will help you weigh ingredients, manage portions and determine real serving sizes.

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A knife sharpener is an essential kitchen tool in order to make sure that your products are working at their best as well as to prevent any dangerous slippage from a dull knife. This three-step kitchen knife sharpener will keep cooking fun and safe by repairing and straightening damaged blades, sharpening and fine-tuning for a clean polish. It also works perfectly for all of the left- and right-handed chefs!

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Making sure you have a coffee scoop is essential for all of the early birds who skip Starbucks and opt for a homemade coffee. This set comes with two different size scoops, in order to make sure you get the perfect sized cup of coffee every time. The long handle is perfectly crafted for deep containers, making sure every last bit of your coffee beans makes it in the machine.

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The electric can opener is the perfect kitchen assistant! In just two taps, the electric opener, which was our best overall can opener in testing, will open any can leaving no sharp cuts and not touching the food inside. Not only does this protect hands from cuts and injuries, but it is also perfect for those who have challenges with gripping smaller objects. No more cuts from open cans with this kitchen essential!

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This jar sealing kit will allow you to preserve sauces, jams, grains, nuts and anything else you may keep packed away in your jars. The kit comes equipped to seal both regular and wide mouth mason jars, using an accessory hose to create an airtight vacuum seal. This is the perfect accessory to up your storage game and get the most out of your ingredients.

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What food isn’t better with a little added garlic? The garlic press is an essential tool, allowing you to crush your garlic with a simple squeeze. Just because it may be easy to forget when moving doesn't mean it is easy to live without — this is a must have!

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Imagine sitting down to enjoy a nice glass of wine after moving boxes all day only to realize you don’t have a wine bottle opener. Next time you’re moving, double check to be sure you’re not forgetting one! If you are, check out this multifunctional wine bottle opener, designed for wine, beer and any other bottle with a cap or cork.

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Pizza is a staple moving meal, making a pizza wheel a staple tool. Make sure your kitchen is equipped for a tasty pizza dinner with this pizza wheel, made with stainless steel and ready to cut your pizzas and pies!

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Mashed potatoes aren’t just for Thanksgiving! Making sure you have a potato masher in your new kitchen so you can dine on mashed potatoes and gravy or try a new fun potato recipe like potato and chipotle quesadillas. The options for potatoes are endless, but they grow even more once you have a potato masher.

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