7 Kitchen Tools You'll Definitely Want to Buy to Bring to Your AirBnB

Want to cook easily on vacation? These travel-friendly kitchen tools should definitely be on your packing list.

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May 18, 2021

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There's never been a better time to rent a house for a summer vacation. An AirBnB is ideal for family getaways, entertaining or even family reunions with lots of relatives. Lots of sleeping spaces, lounging room and even a grill or some outdoor space are great, but the semi-stocked kitchen is where you might find the house falls short. Many aren't designed for serious cooking, and even the coffee maker might leave you wanting.

If you're planning on cooking at all during your vacation, you'll want to make sure you pack some essentials to make the kitchen work more like what you've got at home. That means packing must-have tools like your knives, a cutting board and even a few pans if you know you can't live without your cast iron, for example. Before you leave for your AirBnB this year, double-check this list to make sure you're covered in the kitchen.


A chef's knife is absolutely essential for nearly all tasks in the kitchen. This model from Misen is one of our top chef knife picks and is extra-affordable making it perfect for bringing on a vacation with friends. If it ends up in the dishwasher at the end of the night, no big deal. Plus, it comes with a sleek box that's perfect for stashing in your luggage to travel with it safely.


Love cooking with cast iron? Not all rentals come equipped with cast iron pans, so you'll want to bring your own well-seasoned cast iron for making steaks, eggs or even baking on the grill.


Consider packing this $15 cutting board set just for your vacation. Depending on what your rental includes, you may find yourself without solid cutting boards, and we don't recommend using any wooden blocks provided, as you can't run them through the dishwasher to ensure they're super clean.


Nonstick pans can get grimey real quickly, especially if used by someone who doesn't know how to properly cook with them. Bring at least one nonstick pan of your own for making eggs in the morning or sauteeing veggies in a pinch.


A couple of sheet pans make prep a breeze and make a quick sheet pan dinner actually doable. Two pans should be plenty for bringing prepped meat and veg out to the grill or whipping up sheet pan eggs in the morning.


Whether you're bringing home leftovers from a dinner out or want to bring snacks to the beach, deli containers can do it all. The small size of these containers is also great for packing salt and other spices you want to bring along to your summer rental from your home.


Hear us out. A small blender will go a long way in your vacation rental. (We can't think of a single time our AirBnB came with a blender, can you?) Use it to make smoothies in the morning, sauce for veggies or steak and even milkshakes for an after-dinner treat for the kids.

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