Food Network Kitchen Staffers' Favorite Cake Tools

Become a better baker with these trusted tools from our test kitchen.

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October 10, 2019
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Photo by: Wonwoo Lee/Getty Images

Wonwoo Lee/Getty Images

The secret to beautifully spread buttercream and perfectly tiered layers is having the right tools for the job. Here are our team's tried-and-true methods for mastering the art of cake-making, and the products that get them there.

Bed Bath& Beyond, $9.99

"My go-to pans are natural aluminum light colored metal. The light color is super important, regardless of the material. A darker pan will produce a darker crust on baked goods. You really don't want that with a cake. Natural aluminum is the most durable and you don't have to worry about any nonstick coating scratching or chipping and putting harmful chemicals into your food. If you properly prepare your pan before baking, the natural aluminum will release perfectly."

Alexis Pisciotta, Purchasing and Events Manager

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Amazon, $6.50

"My biggest time saver on set for culinary shows are pre-cut parchment paper rounds. They come in all cake pan sizes and I never have to cut out circles again! They really came in handy when I used it for Tiffani Thiessen's 6-Layer Cake that we had to make three times."

Mary Beth Bray, Culinary Director

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Amazon, $7.95

"For frosting a cake, there is nothing better than a small offset spatula. You have more control (and there's less mess) when spreading frosting and buttercream."

Leah Brickley, Senior Culinary Editor

Not only is an mini offset great for doing detailed swirl work with frosting, it's the best tool for sliding around the edge of a cake inside a pan after baking to release it. A butter knife isn't quite thin enough and a paring knife has a sharp edge that scrapes up the pans and can snag the delicate cake. Plus it's flexible if you have to gingerly pry a cake out of an unlined cake pan. I also use it when cooking savory food too, like fish filets, or to spread toppings on crostini.

Alexis Pisciotta, Purchasing and Events Manager

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Williams Sonoma, $129.50

"One of my go-to tools for making a layered cake is a long serrated knife. There's honestly nothing that compares when leveling and splitting cake layers. It cuts easily through without tearing because it doesn't require as much push and pressure that a chef's knife does. Plus, the long edge helps you keep the layers of a wide cake as even as possible. Added tip: Invest in a rotating cake stand for easy cake layer splitting and frosting."

Amanda Neal, Recipe Developer

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"I use this plastic brownie spatula on set for perfect slices of sheet cake that are hard to get out of pans. It's the perfect size and has a beveled edge. I also use unflavored dental floss to split cake rounds — it doesn't chop up the crumb as much."

Jenny Bierman, Culinary Director

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Amazon, $36.76

"I LOVE this knit pattern mold for fondant cake decorating! It is such a fun way to bring some warmth (in the form of a fondant sweater) to your favorite sugar cookies, cupcakes and specialty cakes!"

Shannon Feulner, Contributing Culinary Producer

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