Food Network Staffers' Favorite Plant-Based Products

You don't need to be vegan to enjoy these plant-based goodies.

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October 19, 2022

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Amazon

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Plant-based food has come a really long way since the early days of Beyond Meat and Tofurky. In fact, it seems like just about every product has a plant-based equivalent nowadays — ice cream, cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza, you name it. And while there are health benefits to adding more plants to your diet, including improved gut health and cholesterol levels, indulging in plant-based food isn't always about being healthier. Sometimes it's worth it to eat a plant-based food for the taste alone. And since you don’t need to be fully vegan to eat plant-based products, we turned to our editors to see which plant-based foods always have a permanent spot in their pantries. Here are the best vegan groceries Food Network staffers love.

As someone with a tree nut allergy, it can be hard to find vegan products that work for me. That said, I'm super excited that Cheryl's Cookies now offers a vegan line of shippable cookies that I can gift to all my plant-based friends. My college roommate introduced me to the fluffy, buttery cookies and I haven't looked back since!

— T.K. Brady, Senior Editor

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I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Kite Hill's Spinach and Artichoke Dip. It is creamy and flavorful and really tastes of artichokes and spinach. Dare I say, I like it better than the "real" thing (I can't be the only one who finds mayo-based versions a little gloopy). It has a firm texture — so you can scoop up big chunks with a carrot stick or pepper but is also spreadable so you can use it on a veggie sandwich. It's a great option for those of us who have hummus fatigue!

— Lygeia Grace, Culinary Editorial Director, Food Network and Cooking Channel

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I re-discovered my love of Ripple Chocolate Dairy-Free Milk recently. It's so creamy and not too sweet, plus it has a nice hit of protein. Sometimes I make an iced coffee with it or just enjoy it pre or post workout. The smaller shelf stable bottles make it so easy to always have some around.

— Melissa Gaman, Recipe Developer, Food Network

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I am seriously obsessed with Pitaya Food's Dragon Fruit smoothie packs. We've all heard the phrase "you eat with your eyes first," so the fact that this product turns any smoothie hot pink brings me so much joy. I love to throw a ton of fruit and protein into my smoothies, so I often cut these packs into thirds, which makes the entire pack last for 12 smoothies. It doesn't have a strong flavor, so it mixes well with any smoothie combination, and it's a great source of Vitamin C, fiber and magnesium — win win!

— Toren Weiner, VP Social & Convergence

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I'm pretty obsessed with pumpkin. (In fact, I tried over 100+ pumpkin spice-flavored products not too long ago to put this gallery together.) Of all of the products I tasted, Van Leeuwen's Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Frozen Dessert was hands-down one of my absolute favorites. Even though I'm not vegan, I'm a really BIG oat milk fan, so knowing that this flavor was made from the beverage made me like it even more. It was just as creamy and smooth as dairy-based ice cream, and the added chunks of plant-based cinnamon rolls studded throughout it really took it over the top. Definitely be sure to stock up on this one. And if you happen to live by a Sprouts Farmers' Market be sure to grab a pint of the brand's exclusive Vegan Banana Bread Pudding flavor. It is the definition of a guilt-free dessert!

— Michelle Baricevic, Online Editorial Coordinator, Food Network Magazine

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Earlier this year, I decided to take my move toward a more plant-based lifestyle a little more seriously than just opting for milk-alternatives in my morning coffee. One of the biggest hurdles, though, was giving up cheese. When I found Violife’s vegan feta, I was relieved to find that it was creamy, rich in flavor and made a great substitute in my favorite meals. The texture is a little smoother and less crumbly than traditional feta cheese, but I’ve come to love the velvety texture and slight sweetness from the coconut oil.

— Rachel Trujillo, Associate Content Editor

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I usually like my milk tea fresh from the boba shop, but I was delightfully surprised by Twrl's plant-based milk teas. They're steeped perfectly, and you can taste the quality of the leaves they use. I also love that they're less sweet, and with the use of the plant-based milk, feel less overly indulgent on the tongue. Overall, a great way to start the morning, without feeling like you're drinking dessert.

— Maggie Wong, Editor

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Van Leeuwen Vegan Sicilian Pistachio ice cream is a plant-based product that I genuinely love. It has no artificial pistachio flavor, just pureed Sicilian pistachios in a coconut and cashew base, and because of this It's insanely rich, almost like eating a spoonful of cold, whipped, nut butter. It's also not too sweet, which is how I prefer my ice cream. I bought it by mistake one day and now my oldest daughter and I are converts!

— Alexis Pisciotta, Purchasing and Events Manager, Food & Cook

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