Food Network Kitchen Staffers' Favorite Egg Products

These items are all they're cracked up to be!

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October 02, 2019
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It's hard to mess up eggs, but done with care they become even more amazing. Our chefs and stylists have seen egg gadgets and hacks come and go. Here are the proven techniques and tools they return to again and again on set, in the test kitchen and at home with their families.


Amazon, $12

My kids love interactive food. For breakfast, we do soft boiled eggs with toast for dipping. I have been collecting egg cups for years during our trips to Europe (they are small and easy to pack). A few of my favorites are from Austria, France and Spain. My kids love choosing their own in the mornings.

Mary Beth Bray, Culinary Director

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Poaching eggs is daunting, even for someone who went to culinary school. I only use Poach Pods when I need to poach eggs. They're super easy to use and clean. You can also get a Poach Pod lifter that will help make poaching even simpler.

Kelley Teckman, Culinary Production Fellow


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For even better scrambled eggs I try to salt beaten eggs and let them sit for 5 to 10 minutes before cooking. This extra seasoning step makes a difference and your eggs will be all the more tasty.

Leah Brickley, Senior Culinary Editor


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For my family I do sunny-side up eggs all in one pan (like 10 in a giant nonstick). I just crack them all in, cover with a sheet pan (a hack if you don't have a lid big enough) over medium-low heat until whites are cooked. I serve them in the skillet and everyone grabs their own. Sometimes I add a jar of marinara for the eggs to cook in and cover with Parmesan (like a poor man’s shakshuka).

Jenny Bierman, Culinary Director


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A good trick for making egg salad is to push the boiled eggs through a wire mesh cooling rack to cut them quickly all at once.

Richmond Flores, Food Stylist


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A culinary instructor taught me to drop eggs in the pan clockwise when poaching (starting at 12 o'clock), so you don't have to think about what order they went in, and therefore, what order they should be taken out. I use it any time I add several items to a wide pan to ensure even cooking.

Larisa Alvarez, Managing Culinary Producer

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