15 Vegan Ice Creams We’re Stocking Our Freezers With

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August 09, 2022

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Vegan ice creams used to be few and far between, but now there are plenty of options from both your favorite scoop shops and grocery store brands. Most vegan ice creams are made from oat milk or with a coconut base, with some using a proprietary blend and others macadamia nuts or even olive oil. But don’t be fooled — vegan ice creams are just as indulgent and delicious as their dairy-filled counterparts.


These dessert bars are so rich and creamy, you’ll seriously forget that they are vegan. Ice cream is enrobed with the thick Belgian chocolate (dairy free) that Magnum is known for.

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Graeter’s out of Cincinnati, Ohio, never wanted to sacrifice their French pot ice cream making process when they decided to go vegan. So instead they partnered with perfect day who uses micro-flora fermentation to create animal free dairy proteins. The science may be complex but the flavor is smooth and very similar to their original scoops. Chocolate chips are still present, but they are slightly less chunky versus their dairy versions.

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Jeni’s is known for their rich and creamy creative scoops, so coming up with dairy-free vegan flavors required that same creative mindset. The wildly popular Frose sherbet is a great pick, but so is the indulgent lemon bar made with a coconut cream base. Add in swirls of tart lemon curd and a vegan shortbread crust, and this could just become your flavor of the summer.

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This California creamery was started in 2007 by two vegans, so every pint you’ll find is vegan. We are partial to the coffee chip with an oat milk base, a dash of cinnamon and chocolate shavings, but it’s worth exploring some of the flavors that play into their Asian heritage like Taiwanese pineapple cake and black sesame.

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These mochi are delicious and if someone didn’t tell you, we bet you wouldn’t even know they were vegan. Made with an oat milk base, they have a delicious chewy exterior. The mango makes for a refreshing summer treat.

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Sorbets and sorbettos have always been dairy-free (and most vegan!) but if you are looking for an easy one you can pick up at most stores, that contains no high fructose corn syrup. The raspberry contains a ton of raspberries and a little lemon juice, serving as both dessert and a palate cleanser.

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Don’t expect Haagen-Dazs to lack flavor or creaminess. Their non-dairy, vegan scoops are just as rich and high-quality as you’d expect. Instead of a non-dairy milk alternative base, they put the flavors - in this case peanut butter and chocolate- as the core. If you love peanut butter, you’ll want a taste of this ice cream.

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You won’t miss out on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s even if you are vegan. So many of their popular flavors have been made in a non-dairy format with either an almond milk or sunflower butter base. This version, like the original, benefits the WaterWheel Foundation and is filled with the gooey marshmallow and chocolate “phish” that make the original version so special.

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These plant-based ice cream bars are just like Kind nut bars with a cool sweet center. You’ll find lots of almonds in these with a dark chocolate covering and a fresh mint burst. They make for the perfect dessert or hot summer snack.

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Extra virgin olive oil from Greece is the not so secret ingredient to this Mediterranean-inspired plant-based ice cream. It helps make it the creamy consistency you’d expect from dairy ice cream. The chocolate hazelnut gives off serious vibes of a favorite chocolate Nutella spread.

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Oatly is one of the more popular oat milks for a reason, it’s delicious. So it’s no surprise that it made a mark in the non-dairy ice cream world as well. These vanilla bars, with that crunchy chocolate coating are reminiscent of the ice cream man classic we all love.

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If a creamsicle is your ice cream pick, you’ll want to grab a box of this vegan version from Goodpop, oranges and cream. An all-natural orange popsicle, fueled by orange juice, is filled with a delicious coconut cream center. We have a feeling your kids won’t even notice if you swap in this better for you version.

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This beloved ice cream brand made a whole line of inventive vegan flavors like cookie crumble strawberry jam and brownie sundae raspberry swirl. Flavors start with either an oat milk or cashew base before being filled with the ribbons and chunks of deliciousness.

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This vegan ice cream prides itself not only on being dairy and animal free but also keto friendly with no added sugar. That doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious, sticking to classic flavors like mint chip, strawberry and peanut butter swirl.

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This vegan ice cream has serious Hawaii vibes as it starts with a dairy-free Macadamia nut milk base before being filled with delicious flavors like strawberry guava and rocky road made with vegan marshmallows.

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