16 Things You Didn't Know About Hannah Hart

Get to know Hannah, a YouTube superstar and the host of the new series I Hart Food.

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Her Go-To Weeknight Dinner Is Nice and Easy

On a regular Tuesday at home, she'd probably have pasta for dinner with red wine on the side.

Red Wine and Gin Are Her Drinks of Choice

"I love wine. I also love gin. I'm going through a really big gin phase."

She Loves to Feed People

"Food has always been a close-to-home kind of thing. My close friends know that I love food and I love to feed people and I love to hang out in the kitchen. In the house party of life, I'm in the kitchen. I want to be talking with someone, I want to have a more intimate conversation. I want to be at a party, but I also want to be able to hear what you're saying."

If She Weren't in Entertainment, She'd Pursue a Job in Education

"I think I'd probably be working either as a teacher and then later working to improve our schools. I really love education. Education was a great gift for me in my life. Going to college was a very formative experience, so I would probably be working to make education more accessible, whether or not I was a professor or working in policy."

She Eats Turkey Deli Meat As a Midnight Snack

She Likes to Eat with Enthusiastic People

"My favorite person to eat with is my manager, Linnea, and my best friends, obviously. One of my best friends, Hannah, is also my favorite person to eat with. Because I love people who — after they take a bite — go, "Oh. YES!" There has to be some sort of hand-slapping or dancing."

Her Pasta Hack Will Save You in the Kitchen

"Don't drain your pasta. So, you have your bowl of boiling pasta, you let it go for however many minutes it's supposed to go. And you then have your sauce in a separate sauce pan and you scoop and plop and scoop and plop. And you don't drain your pasta. … It keeps it from drying out and clumping together, cause you also have that starchy water that's like gold. You can use that to continue to make sure you're not cooking off anything in your pasta."

There Are a Few Things She Won't Cook While Drinking

"Anything dangerous. Anything that involves a lot of chopping or flames."

Her Biggest Kitchen Flop Came While Baking

"I tried to make croissants, and it was really hard and I failed. … Where I messed up was there were three more folds I was supposed to do. So I had one layer of croissant."

The Strangest Things in Her Fridge Are Practical … and Delicious

"I keep my Omega 3's in the fridge because it makes you not burp. If they're cold, it helps reduce that, so I keep my vitamins in the fridge. Also, a lot of mustard. A lot of mustard. Too much. Like, 10 bottles. I love mustard and people give me mustard, and I'm very happy."

She's Open to Eating Anything

"There's nothing I won't try once."

Croissants Are Her Guilty Pleasure

"I love a doughy bread."

She's Open to Learning How to Cook Anything

"If I really love it, I want to learn it."

India and Korea Are on Her Food-Travel Bucket List

Her Last-Supper Essentials Are Simple: Friends and Family

Her Favorite Food-Drink Combo? Practically Anything

"Anything that's near enough to eat and drink."

Want More from Hannah Hart?

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