Essential Freezer Items: Feasts from the Freezer

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Pastry shells

Phyllo dough

Puff-pastry dough


Wonton skins


Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

Frozen vegetables

Flavored butters

Nuts and Berries

Poultry, uncooked--9 months

Poultry cooked--4 to 6 months

Steaks--6 to 12 months

Chops--4 to 6 months

Hamburger--3 to 4 months

Ham, cooked--1 to 2 months

Bacon--1 to 2 months

Meat casseroles, cooked--3 months

Lean fish--6 months

Fatty fish--2 to 3 months

Shellfish--3 to 6 months

Vegetables--8 to 10 months

Fruit pies, unbaked--8 months

Fruit--6 months

Butter--6 to 9 months

Bread, cake and cookies--3 months

Soups and stews--2 to 3 months

Ice cream and sorbet--2 months


  1. Check below for storage life.