Recipe courtesy of Food Network Kitchen

Jicama Tabbouleh and Chicken Salad

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  • Level: Easy
  • Total: 25 min
  • Prep: 15 min
  • Inactive: 5 min
  • Cook: 5 min
  • Yield: 6 servings
  • Nutrition Info
The Chopped challenge for this week was jicama. To highlight its bright flavor and crunchy raw texture, we pulsed it to make the base of this tabbouleh-like salad. Chopped Basket Ingredient: jicama



  1. Cut the jicama into chunks, and then pulse in the food processor until finely ground. Transfer to a large bowl.
  2. In the same processor carafe, pulse the parsley and mint until finely chopped. Add to the jicama along with the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, 2 tablespoons of the oil, the lemon juice, 2 teaspoons salt, and 3/4 teaspoon pepper.
  3. Stir together the remaining 2 tablespoons oil with the paprika, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper and rub all over chicken.
  4. Preheat a grill to medium-high heat.
  5. Grill the chicken, turning, until grill marks appear, about 4 minutes. Let the chicken rest 5 minutes.
  6. Serve, topped with the jicama tabbouleh.