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Ina's Chocolate Cake Recipe
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Cake-Baking Basics

Top Cake Tips

Learn how to line a pan, measure correctly and more.

Your Total Cake Guide

How-Tos from FN Stars

Get foolproof baking tips from Ree, Ina and Giada.

Ready, Set, Bake

Frost Like a Boss

Color Your Cakes

Get our recipes for a rainbow of frosting hues.

Food Coloring Guide

Make It Custom

Turn plain vanilla into a fruity, cocoa or candy-coated creation.

7 DIY Frosting Ideas

4 Ways to Frost

Learn how to work with fondant, pipe "grass" frosting and more.

Easy Frosting How-Tos

Alton's Royal Icing

This hard-drying icing tops wedding cakes and more.

How to Make It

Crazy for Cream Cheese

Make Food Network Kitchen's super-popular recipe.

Cream Cheese Frosting

Cupcake Corner

The Tools You'll Need

Different skill levels will require different baking equipment.

Beginner, Inspired or Master?

A Dozen (Plus) Baker's Tips

Our pros share top secrets for baking better cupcakes.

Bake Better Batches

7 Ways to Fill Cupcakes

Stuff vanilla and chocolate cakes with surprise-inside fillings.

Cookies-and-Cream and More

Classic Layer Cakes

Yellow Cake

Layer moist yellow cake with Cocoa Whipped Cream.

Alton's Gold Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Make an impressive version of an old favorite.

Red Velvet + Cream Cheese

Chocolate Cake

Trisha's rich cake is layered with sweet Divinity Icing.

Trisha's Chocolate Cake

Carrot Cake

This hearty cake is chock-full of coconut, nuts and pineapple.

Cream Cheese-Frosted Treat

German Chocolate Cake

This chocolatey classic is all about the coconut filling.

Chocolate + Coconut

Italian Cream Cake

Ree layers fluffy cake with frosting and fresh blueberries.

Ree's Sky-High Cake

Charming Charm City Cakes

From a Girl Scout Cookie Cake to a Viking Wedding Cake, watch and see how Duff and his crew create amazing cakes.
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