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Macaroni and Cheddar
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Dishes Done Quicker

Veggie-Filled Mains

Proteins in a Flash

Simple Side Dishes

Glazed Salmon

Salmon becomes a lovely golden brown in only a few minutes.

Catfish Piccata

This budget-friendly fish is a quick weeknight solution.

Shrimp and Kale Pitas

Fresh shrimp are easy to bake under the broiler.

Ree's Mac and Cheese

Mix together fontina, goat, Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

Giada's Tagliatelle

This pea-and-sausage-filled pasta comes together in 15 minutes.

Rachael's Easy Pesto

Add asparagus to minty pesto for a new take on the classic.

Kitchen Tips to Keep in Mind

Five Must-Have Foods

Make sure these foods are within reach in your fridge for smarter snacking and quicker cooking.