Recipes from Melissa d'Arabian's Supermarket Healthy Cookbook

Melissa's solution to healthy, affordable eating is the neighborhood grocery store.

Supermarket Healthy

Get a sneak peek at Melissa's new cookbook, Supermarket Healthy: Recipes and Know-How for Eating Well Without Spending a Lot. These wallet-friendly recipes prove that you can make healthy, affordable meals with ingredients straight from your local grocery store — no need for fancy specialty stores here.

Cinnamon Popovers with Cream Cheese Glaze

Melissa says: "My girls love all things related to a cinnamon roll, from the swirling and soft cinnamon-speckled dough to the sticky-sweet icing that slicks the top. One morning, Charlotte was begging me for cinnamon rolls, but I didn't have time to make them, so I decided to put the flavors of a cinnamon roll into my trusty quick popover recipe. It couldn't have been easier. There is just enough cinnamon sweetness to scratch that cinnamon bun itch for both kids and adults."

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Deconstructed Lasagna

"In this case, 'deconstructed' is really just a trendy way of saying 'easy'!" Melissa says. "Instead of taking the time to layer the pasta, sauce and several kinds of cheeses, I toss everything together to make a lasagna bowl that satisfies, with all of the same, indulgent components but far fewer calories and effort. Fresh marjoram has a minty, oregano-like flavor that is a nice change of pace from basil or dried Italian herbs — but really, any kind of fresh herb is delicious in tomato sauce, so use what’s handy."

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d'Arabian Family Protein Bars

"Whether I am traveling or running around town with my four girls, I always feel best when I keep up my protein intake," Melissa says. "My kids and husband love when I make homemade protein bars, and of course that is so much cheaper than buying them. Buy protein powder in the bulk aisle of your grocery store. If you are using unflavored protein powder, feel free to add in a bit of cocoa or vanilla extract for extra flavor."

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Greek Pork Chops with Zucchini and Feta

Melissa says: "Thin-cut bone-in lean pork rib chops cook in minutes and offer a hearty, meaty richness that can be extra satisfying. A pantry spice blend of dried oregano, thyme and paprika seasons the chops, and the browned bits left in the pan later flavor the zucchini as it sautes. Choose chops that don't have striations of fat in the meat; if they have a large fat cap, simply trim it off before cooking."

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Grilled Zucchini Pizza Bites

"I don't know anyone who can say 'no' to a mini pizza," Melissa says. "Here, instead of pizza dough, thinly sliced zucchini rounds provide a healthy base for the marinara sauce and mozzarella. I top each with a small round of pepperoni, which is easily omitted for a lighter, vegetarian snack. These disappear fast, so double the recipe if your crew is extra hungry!"

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Spicy Honey-Mustard Chicken

"Here's my healthier version of fried chicken tenders," Melissa says. "The homemade honey mustard helps the whole-wheat breadcrumbs stick to the chicken. Make double the amount of the honey mustard if you want some dipping sauce on the side."

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Vanilla and Blueberry Cheesecake Pudding

Melissa says: "A little reduced-fat cream cheese stirred into a quick stovetop pudding gives it a tangy, creamy, cheesecake-y flavor and texture, with way less fat and fewer calories than a slice of cheesecake. In these parfait-style puddings, I layer the vanilla pudding with a super-fast blueberry sauce accented with a little lemon juice for a bright, fresh taste. A sprinkle of crushed graham crackers over the top really brings home the cheesecake flavor profile."

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