Christmas Sugar and Butter Cookies

Sweet sugar cookies and melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies are a classic addition to the holiday cookie plate.

Jennifer's Iced Sugar Cookies

The holiday icing options are endless with Trisha's classic sugar cookies.

Get the Recipe: Jennifer's Iced Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Alton's sugar cookies are the most versatile cookie recipe to use for the holidays.

Get the Recipe: Sugar Cookies

Chewy Sugar Cookies

Cream your butter and sugar until it's very light and fluffy to get a great consistency for your sugar cookies.

Get the Recipe: Chewy Sugar Cookies

Melissa’s Citrus Trio Butter Dipping Cookies

Orange, lemon and lime zest enlivens these simple butter cookies. Make them even more special with chocolate or caramel sauce on the side for dipping.

Get the Recipe: Citrus Trio Butter Dipping Cookies

The Neelys’ Butter Cookies

Pat and Gina Neely cut their sparkly sugar cookies into pigs, but these classic cutouts work with any shape and will be the star of your cookie swap.

Get the Recipe: The Neelys' Butter Cookies

3-in-1 Sugar Cookies

Mix up a few batches and bake it three ways: rolled into balls, simply sliced-and-baked and cutout into cute shapes to decorate.

Get the Recipe: 3-in-1 Sugar Cookies


Kourabiedes are Greek celebration cookies. At Christmas, it's traditional to stick a whole clove on top of the walnut sugar cookies to represent the gift of spices that the Three Wise Men brought Mary.

Get the Recipe: Kourabiedes (Greece): Walnut Sugar Cookies

Spoon Cookies

These Scandanavian Spoon Cookies are made with nutty brown butter and filled with tart fruit jam. They get their elegant shape from the teasppons used to form them.

Get the Recipe: Spoon Cookies: Lusikkaleivat (Finland)

Ribbon or Swirl Cookies

These chocolate and vanilla Ribbon or Swirl Cookies have a hint of mint for holiday flair. They're a great make-ahead freezer dough that will impress all your guests through the holiday season.

Get the Recipe: Ribbon or Swirl Cookies

Citrus Shortbread

Crispy, buttery Citrus Shortbread gets a refreshing hit of citrus in this quick and easy take on a holiday classic.

Get the Recipe: Citrus Shortbreads

Smashed Sugar Cookies

We love the imperfection of these festive smashed cookies. The addition of two eggs gives the centers a tender and soft texture, while the crinkled edges get ever so slightly golden and crisp. Top with a simple confectioner's sugar glaze for a holiday treat perfect for a cookie tin.

Get the Recipe: Smashed Sugar Cookies

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