21 Perfectly Delicious Pizza Dough and Pizza Crust Recipes

Whether you're craving a chewy, bread-based pizza dough or looking for an alternative option that's gluten-free or made with cauliflower, these recipes will have you whipping up your own pizza crust (and making pies like a pro pizzaiolo) in no time.

June 03, 2021

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Big Batch Pizza Dough

This recipe yields four 1-pound pizza dough balls that you can use one right away and wrap and freeze the other for the future. If you freeze the dough, thaw it overnight in the refrigerator and then allow it to come to room temperature on your countertop before stretching it out. How you top it is up to you!

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Two-Ingredient Pizza Dough

This beyond-simple dough requires no yeast and no rising time. Just measure, mix, knead and roll out.

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Juicer Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Ah, pizza crust made entirely from low-carb veggies is great in theory, but often not in reality—it's often too soggy for its own good. Enter the ultimate solution: juicer cauliflower crust pizza. Instead of ricing cauliflower in the food processor and wringing out the excess liquid, you run the florets and trimmed stalks through the juicer and use the dry pulp to form a crust. Inspired by several reader comments, this technique creates a gorgeous crisp crust (and saves your arm from an unwanted workout).

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Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

The secret ingredient in this easy-to-work dough is potato-it provides just the right texture and flavor as well as potassium. You'll need a ricer to ensure smooth potatoes for your dough, but we love this gluten-free recipe so much that we think you'll agree it's worth the small investment.

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Quinoa Crust Pizza

Quinoa makes for a chewy crust reminiscent of pizza dough but with an extra earthiness. You can prepare the crust ahead of time, then top and bake just before serving.

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Whole-Multigrain Pizza Dough

Not all multigrain products are equal; in fact, most are made with refined white flour. For this dough we used white whole-wheat flour, a relative of the red wheat variety but with the same nutritional value, and we added quinoa and whole-grain bulgur wheat for extra fiber. We also added seeds, like sunflower and flax; the flaxseeds are ground to make them easier to digest and more nutritionally available.

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2-Ingredient Grilled Pizza Dough

This pizza dough comes together in just ten minutes, with no rising or resting time but it still has a complex flavor and chewy texture that mimics the real thing. The yogurt in the dough helps make it tender and pliable so it's easy to roll and shape and won't fall apart on the grill. As a bonus, you can use any plain Greek yogurt you have on hand — from full-fat to non-fat (though full-fat yogurt will yield a slightly more tender crust).

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Grilled Stuffed Crust Pizza

Thought you had to order delivery in order to dig into a stuffed-crust pizza? Think again! Making your own is so much easier than you think; you just need some mozzarella cheese sticks.

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Pizza Dough

Bobby's easy recipe has hundreds of 5-star reviews. Fans rave that it's "the best dough recipe" and that their pizzas "come out perfectly every time". The secret to Bobby's fan-favoite dough? He uses bread flour which gives the pizza a much crisper crust.

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Chickpea Crust Pizza

This gluten-free crust is ideal for a party, since it can be prepared ahead, then baked and topped at the last minute. Cut into smaller pieces, it makes a great hors d'eouvre. Vary the toppings as you like — salty, briny olives, capers or anchovies are especially good on this pizza.

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Greek Pizza with Pourable Crust

Yes, you really can make and bake homemade pizza crust in less than 30 minutes! The trick is whipping up a pourable crust. This pizza is topped with roasted eggplant, bell peppers, feta and artichokes but you can feel free to substitute your favorite ingredients.

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White Pizza with Everything Bagel Crust

A simple way to upgrade your pizza crust? Sprinkling it with garlic, shallot, salt and a blend of seeds — just like the seasoning you'll find on top of an everything bagel — before baking.

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Basic Pizza Dough

Sometimes the best recipes are surprisingly simple — like this basic pizza dough that uses just 5 common ingredients. The key is to make sure you knead your dough well, until it's smooth and elastic. If you give it a gentle stretch and the dough tears, knead it a little bit more.

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Broccoli Crust Pepperoni Pizza

This pizza really delivers when it comes to everyone's favorite broccoli-and-cheese flavor combo. The broccoli pulls double duty as both crust and topping, making the pie feel virtuous (goodbye excess carbs) and indulgent (hello golden cheese). We topped ours with pepperoni cups, but you can always leave them off for a vegetarian version.

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Prebaked Pizza Crust

The simple trick that keeps your pizza crust from getting soggy? Prebake it! All you need to do is give the rolled shaped crust about a 10-minute head start in a hot oven. Then, load it up with your favorite toppings and finish baking. This recipe will show you how.

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No-Yeast Pizza Dough

The remarkable thing about this easy pizza dough is that it contains no yeast — and no yeast means no waiting. The pizza takes about 20 minutes from start to finish, and comes out fluffy and crisp on the bottom.

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Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust

This 5-star, veggie-loaded pizza proves you don't need flour to make a great crust. The trick to the perfect texture? Make sure all the excess water is squeezed out of the cooked spaghetti squash before you mix it with the other ingredients and form the crust.

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Butternut Crust Pizza

Ree adds roasted, pureed butternut squash to her homade pizza dough for a pie with extra nutty sweetness — and a stunning orange color.

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Sheet-Pan Pizza Dough

This recipe makes just the right amount of dough for a rimmed baking sheet, making it perfect if you need a bigger pie. If you make a lot of pizza, invest in a black steel pan. It gets super hot and helps the crust crisp up.

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Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

This subtly sweet pizza crust is gluten-free, thanks to the use of almond flour. As an added bonus, it gets nice and toasty, golen-brown in the oven!

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Bread Machine Pizza Dough

If you love the flavor and freshness of homemade pizza dough but are scared of kneading and proofing, we have the recipe for you! Pull out your bread machine. It takes all the guess work out of pizza dough—just add the ingredients and walk away. Out comes enough beautiful dough for a sheet pan pizza or a deep-dish skillet pizza.

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