Extreme Cuisine Season 2 Photo Gallery

Enjoy Jeff Corwin's Season 2 global adventures from Spain and Italy to the United Kingdom and Louisiana.

extreme cuisine with jeff corwin

Season 2 of Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin takes the Food Network host across the globe, from Hawaii and the United Kingdom to Spain and Italy, in search of culinary oddities with extra bite.

Season Starts with a Louisiana 'Bam'

Emeril Lagasse would be jealous of Jeff's crawfish haul, but the real treat for the Extreme Cuisine host is the ragin' house party with locals, featuring moonshine.

jeff corwin tackles extreme fishing in uk

In the United Kingdom, Jeff scours the Scottish coastline for fish, limpets and stubborn saltwater snails.

jeff corwin enjoys traditional hawaiian luau

Jeff leaves behind the leis but doesn't forget to enjoy a luau during his Hawaiian excursion.

jeff corwin hunts crawfish in cave in new zealand

One of Jeff's adventures in Hawaii includes a trek into this crawfish cave in the Waipio Valley.

jeff corwin harvests coconuts in extreme hawaii

Jeff and a buddy free-climb towering trees for coconuts on the western coast of Hawaii.

jeff corwin finds gooseneck barnacles in spain

On Spain's rough Galicia coast, also known as the Coast of Death, Jeff dives for gooseneck barnacles that thrive in the choppy seas.

Strike a Pose

Jeff relaxes for the camera in Italy before he travels off the beaten path to enjoy a working meal with Tuscan cowboys and then embarks on a scavenger hunt for black truffles.