Season 5, Episode 1

Batali vs. Carmellini

Chef Andrew Carmellini enters Kitchen Stadium to challenge Iron Chef Batali to a culinary showdown only the chairman could bring you.

Ted Allen
Mario Rizzotti
Art Smith

Challenger stats: Chef Carmellini
From: Ohio

Restaurants: A Voce

Cuisine: Italian

Interests: Music, history, travel

Ideal secret ingredient: Duck, because it's so versatile and tasty

Culinary inspirations: Street food and country cooking

Ideal judge: My mom, dad and my wife Gwen because I'd win every time

Culinary secret weapon: Peperoncino

Favorite restaurant: Hearth in jeans and Cru in a jacket

Favorite food: Sushi on Wednesday and pizza on Sunday

Food you won't go near: Pond moss in Japan

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Pond moss in Japan

Favorite food destination: Barcelona for tapas, Japan for yuba and yakitori

Alternative dream job: Hip-hop/Rock music producer



















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