Redefining Outrageous With "Big Chef" Tom Pizzica

Tom Pizzica, known to fans as the daring, funny-guy finalist on season six of The Next Food Network Star, is seeking out all kinds of crazy eats -- foods that give the term "outrageous" a whole new meaning.

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Photo By: Darren Carroll

Photo By: Darren Carroll

Photo By: Mark Grandin Fischer

Where to Start?

Tom stops in at NYC's renowned Lansky's Deli to check out their over-the-top offerings. Once he's had a look around, he sets to work building the "Ultimate New Yorker," a seven-pound deli sandwich with corned beef and pastrami packed between a potato knish instead of bread.

A Hint of What's to Come

At Marianito's Extreme Tex Mex Grill in San Antonio, Tom helps create a mix of fresh, hearty ingredients to fill an enormous seven-pound burrito.

Ready to Stuff

Tom takes a moment to admire his heaping tray of Tex Mex fillings, all piled up and ready to wrap in a giant tortilla at Marianito's.

Can I Get Fries With That?

During his visit to Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, New Jersey, Tom gets busy building a whopping 105-pound hamburger known as the "8th Wonder." (Later, he challenges a group of college kids to eat it all ... in an hour!)

Hot to Trot

Tom gets serious about heat as he cooks up a ferociously fiery sauce made from "the hottest pepper on Earth" at Cactus Bob's BBQ Corral in Johnston, Iowa.

When the Moon Hits Your Eye ....

At Randy's Premier Pizza in Oakdale, Minn., Tom helps build a topping-smothered, four-foot pizza. Once it's out of the oven, he offers the restaurant's patrons a cash prize to eat the project.

Seeking the Heights

Tom makes a stop at Burger Jones in Minneapolis, and checks out one of the establishment's favorite customer challenges: A massive burger piled high with everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to chicken-fried bacon. No way this could get any taller ... right?

More to Love

More beef, more bacon... and a final third onion ring on top: Now this monster burger tower has officially reached max capacity!