Taking My Work Home

Last week I proudly got home from work with the premiere issue of FN Magazine. As my family browsed through the pages, I could finally justify why I’d been getting home from work with minimal energy to cook, since, after 8 hours of recipe development, the last thing I want to do when I get home is cook!

Of course, shortly after the compliments, my kids were quick to point out my shortcomings when they stumbled upon my recipe for churros, made from Jiffy corn muffin mix. I think it went something like this, “Gee mom, really nice- how come you never make those for us?”

Quickly my pride turned to shame and guilt because clearly, I had let my children down-No churros for the kids, what kind of a mom was I? Since it seemed to be unanimous from all three that they felt deprived, I promised that I would make them…sometime soon.

Last night, everyone was home at the same time for dinner, which is a rare occurrence these days, and made for a perfect time to test my own recipe. I reached for my copy (since I too need to read recipes) and quickly refreshed my memory. I sent my oldest to the local grocery store, since I did not happen to have any Jiffy on hand. After that, it was smooth sailing and I was ready to fry.

In a jif, I had once again earned my keep as a mom and turned out crispy sweet churros, which pleased the most difficult audience of all.

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