Our 5 Favorite Videos of the Week: Red, White and Blue Everything

When we’re scrolling down our social feeds, there are a few things that have been know to stop us dead in our tracks. In honor of July 4th, we’re lining up our favorite star-spangled red, white and blue foods. Let’s just say these videos will set off fireworks today.

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Red, White and Blue Cheesecake 00:38

Celebrate the Fourth with this beautifully swirled cheesecake.

It’s easier to achieve the marbled look of this patriotic cheesecake than you might think. It just takes red, white and blue cheesecake batters and a wooden skewer for swirling.

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Red, White and Blue Meringues 00:39

Whip up patriotic puffs in a flash with these clever decorating tricks.

Simple white meringues get a patriotic twist with streaks of red, white and blue. Watch the video to learn how it’s done.

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Red White and Blue Frozen Pops 00:52

Stay cool this Independence Day with these red white and blue frozen pops.

Not all 4th of July fare has to be indulgences like burgers and hot dogs. In fact, these fruity layered pops use natural ingredients to get their patriotic hues, so they’re surprisingly healthy.

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American Flag Caprese Salad 00:30

Try this patriotic take on a classic summer party side.

Celebrate the stars and stripes with an edible American flag built out of purple potatoes, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.

Red, White and Blue Daiquiris 01:18

Layer your daiquiris with red, white and blue for a taste of America.

These layered, boozy and frozen drinks will be the star swig at your Independence Day cookout. Watch the video, then blend your own at home.

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