The Hunt Is Over: There Is Now an Easter Egg Made Entirely of Cheese

This sounds eggcellent, but it will never replace chocolate.

Sometimes the world brings you things you never knew you wanted but subconsciously craved all along. The Cheester Egg — an Easter egg made of cheese — may be one of those things.

British cheese maker Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses has bestowed upon the waiting world the Blacksticks Blue Easter Egg, which is an Easter egg that is not eggsactly like other Easter eggs because it is made not of chocolate – hollow, filled or solid; milk or dark — but of spreadable blue cheese. (It’s a natural progression from the company’s Christmas cheese advent calendar.)

“Delicious and versatile, the egg will make a perfect centre piece for your Easter Sunday cheeseboard,” the Butlers Website boasts, calling the newly hatched product, which will be sold eggsclusively at two U.K. supermarket chains, ASDA and Morrisons, “a perfect sweet and savoury match.”

The company also touts the eggcellence of the cheese itself — aka “The Daddy of Blue Cheeses.” Made from pasteurized cow's milk from the Butler family’s “pedigree herd,” it is amber-hued and creamy and has “just enough blue bite to tingle your tastebuds and keep you coming back for more.”

Butlers recommends a sweet sherry (chilled) and dried figs (sticky) as eggsquisite companions to Blacksticks Blue, but The Cheester Egg comes complete and ready to enjoy with oat mini-crackers and a packet of sweet caramelized onion chutney.

“It’s even better than chocolate!” the company promises.

But hey, respect to cheese and cheese lovers and all, but that may be taking it a bit far. 

Photo courtesy of Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

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