The Funniest Food-Themed April Fools’ Day Pranks This Year

We’d be fooling if we said that we didn’t fall for some of these.

You may have had some fun pranking your friends with April Fools’ foods, but you’re not the only one getting in on the laughs. These companies had us fooled with elaborate announcements made in the spirit of good fun. From wacky flavors to crazy products, here are some of our favorite April Fools’ jokes.

Banza Pasta

Do you ever just sit on your couch and think about the “fresh” smell of spaghetti and meatballs? Probably not, which is why Banza’s announcement of their new line of Pasta Scents air fresheners had us laughing. You won’t find these odor eliminators in stores so if you’re craving the aroma of this comfort food fave, you’re going to have put the pasta water on to boil!

Halo Top

There’s nothing like a good self-care session filled with ice cream and face masks. Halo Top knows this too, which is why they announced their (imaginary) line of edible, ice cream face masks — with three delicious flavors that you would want to lick right off your face!

Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots isn’t the only ice cream brand pretending to expand into personal hygiene. This April Fools’ Day, the company announced a line of deodorants, intended to keep you cool under pressure — and inviting you to “smell the fun.”


Introducing McDonald’s Shake Sauce! Your favorite McDonald’s shakes available as sweet dipping sauces. Too bad this one isn’t real. It wouldn’t be the worst idea if it was...


FarmRich got in on the fun by announcing these gender-reveal mozzarella sticks. Take a bite to see the color of the cheese inside (pink or blue) and reveal your little one’s gender. Talk about a gender-reveal party that no one would forget!


In-N-Out is taking over NYC! Or so we thought. For April Fools’, Instagram account New York Bucket List posted news that the west coast burger chain was opening 12 locations in Manhattan and taking over the top five floors of the Flatiron building. Sorry, East Coasters: looks like you’ll have to wait a little longer for an In-N-Out in your town.


Cup of noodles brand, Nissin, is partnering with HyperX for an extremely limited run of their ramen headphones, complete with a slurp-cancelling “microphork.” How limited, you ask? So much so, that they’re not making any. The prototype looks so realistic that it could have fooled us!


Move over, Mr. Potato Head. Here comes Mr. Avo Head! Hasbro announced that they fired Mr. Potato Head and replaced him with his cooler, hipper cousin. Mr. Avo Head comes with a trim beard, top knot, trendy sneakers and headphones. Of course, Hasbro quickly admitted this was an April Fools’ joke. They could never get rid of their beloved Mr. Potato Head.


This April Fools’ Day, SodaStream teamed up with astronaut Scott Kelly to develop a new technology that will turn your extra gas into seltzer, called the SodaStreamME. Its bonus snoring adapter makes this whole thing so ridiculous that it’s truly hilarious !

Dunkin’ Donuts

For all those times you wished you had a way to hold your favorite Dunkin’ iced coffee! Unfortunately, Dunkin’ Donuts’ edible coffee holder — which is two giant donuts stacked on top of each other— is not real. But how sweet would it be if it was?

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