Think Beyond the Sandwich: 3 New Ways to Use Pita Bread

Learn how chefs on The Kitchen transform this pantry staple into sweet and savory dishes.
Crispy Personal Pita Pizzas

Photo by: David Lang ©David Lang

David Lang, David Lang

When it comes to dressing up an ordinary sandwich, opting for pita bread instead of the sliced stuff is a welcome change of pace. But beyond stuffing the pita with deli meats and cheeses, the options for putting this bread to work may seem somewhat limited. That's where The Kitchen comes in. On this morning's all-new episode, the co-hosts took to this everyday pantry staple to show how simple it is to let it shine in three different dishes — one of them a sweet treat. From family-friendly pizzas to a 15-minute dessert, get the chefs' best-ever ideas, each ready to eat in 30 minutes or less.

When the pizza craving strikes — and it always does, of course — but you don't have time to roll out the dough, skip delivery and opt for Jeff Mauro's Crispy Personal Pita Pizzas (pictured above) instead. He tops the pita rounds with melty cheese, then fresh tomatoes and garlic salt to create a traditional pie layered with flavor. Perhaps best of all, it takes just minutes to cook these pizzas in the oven.

Greek Pita Nachos

Photo by: David Lang ©David Lang

David Lang, David Lang

No stranger to The Kitchen, returning guest Kelsey Nixon stopped by to show off her Greek Pita Nachos, a spin on the classic Mexican plate made with tortilla chips. She swaps in crunchy baked pita triangles for the chips, then drizzles on a lemony Greek yogurt sauce studded with black olives and cucumbers. For added richness, don't forget the final sprinkle of feta cheese before serving.

Sweet Pita

Photo by: David Lang ©David Lang

David Lang, David Lang

It takes just a handful of ingredients to turn out Geoffrey Zakarian's Sweet Pita (pictured above), featuring decadent smears of both almond butter and chocolate-hazelnut spread, and fresh banana slices. He cooks the pita for just a few minutes until the chocolate-hazelnut spread is warm and gooey, then finishes the dish with powdered sugar for added indulgence.

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