When You Don't Know What to Cook for Dinner, Make This Chicken

Bobby’s Quick Adobo Chicken from the Food Network Kitchen app will save you on a busy weeknight.

December 17, 2019

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How many times have you stared into your cold fridge, willing an answer to the question, “What the heck am I gonna make for dinner tonight?

We’ve all been there, and some (many?) nights, the answer is as simple as eggs or cereal. But when your family has officially had their fill of scrambles — or if you’re craving something heartier — look no further than Bobby Flay’s Quick Adobo Chicken, which he cooked live on the Food Network Kitchen app recently.

The beauty of this recipe is that it starts with ever-famous boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Who among us doesn’t have a package of those sitting in the fridge or the freezer right now? They’re relatively lean, they’re quick and simple cook, and they’re universally loved. We’re excited already.

In true Bobby fashion, this chicken is literally bursting with flavor, and it’s all thanks to a marinade of bold spices, dry herbs and bright citrus. Two kinds of chile powders, plus fragrant oregano, and savory garlic and onion powders come together with lime and orange juices to create an adobo-style marinade that infuses into the chicken and flavors the meat from the inside-out. This isn’t one of those marinades that takes hours to work; since the chicken breasts are pretty small, they’ll be ready to cook in as much time as it takes you to prep the other ingredients and get your pans hot on the stove. Follow Bobby’s lead and use cast-iron grill pans to sear the meat quickly and develop a flavorful crust on the outside.

You can watch Bobby make this chicken in his class on the Food Network Kitchen app right now, and find out what cool, creamy salad he likes to serve on the side. Plus, check out more of his ready-to-watch classes when you download the app and sign up today.

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