The Competition Goes Family Style on Guy's Grocery Games

Read all about the special Guy's Grocery Games: Family Style competition coming up on Jan. 4.
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Photo by: Jeremiah Alley ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Jeremiah Alley, 2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

The new season of Guy's Grocery Games is kicking off with four special family episodes, premiering Jan. 4 at 8|7c. In this family-style showdown, four teams made up of three family members will compete in each episode for a chance to win the grand prize. Each family team will have to navigate through the aisles of the grocery store, battling different supermarket-themed obstacles, from cooking on a budget to cooking with five ingredients or less — or the dreaded new game, Station Swap. The last family standing will go onto the shopping spree of a lifetime worth up to $20,000. These families know, live and love food, so don't miss the laughs, tears and sibling rivalries.

Family Style: Kids Rule! — Jan. 4 at 8|7c

Four competing families start by joining the breakfast club, but this is Watch Your Weight, so they can cook with only a certain amount of ingredients. Next, the families must make a hot lunch ABC style, using only ingredients whose name begins with a certain letter. The final two families go head-to-head in the dreaded game of Food Wheel.

Competitors: Bruno Family, Chiovera Family, Roberts Family, Robertson Family

Judges: Melissa d’Arabian, Richard Blais, Troy Johnson

Family Style: Sibling Rivalry — Jan. 11 at 8|7c

When four sets of siblings square off in a supermarket, sparks fly! The teams begin by making a family feast, but first they must agree on the five ingredients or less this challenge allows. Three families move on to make something stuffed using Guy's Grocery List. Then in the feared game of chance, Food Wheel, the stakes are high as two families attempt to make an upscale dinner with strip steak and a meager allowance.

Competitors: Fraser Family, Grbic Family, Loza Family, Testa Family

Judges: Richard Blais, Troy Johnson, Aarti Sequeira

Family Style: Food Feud — Jan. 18 at 8|7c

Chefs keep it all in the family with teams featuring husbands, wives, brothers, moms and even grandma! The pasta shelves are off-limits in Aisle Down, so the four families must really use their noodles to create their best dish. Next, three families have to come up with fresh ideas for making dessert from nonperishable items playing Meals from the Middle. The finalists must make their favorite family meal while adhering to Watch Your Weight.

Competitors: Casey Family, Parrish Family, Thurston Family, Vera Family

Judges: Troy Johnson, Beau MacMillan, Catherine McCord

Family Style: Kid's Choice — Jan. 25 at 8|7c

Guy is constantly turning the tables, this time with kids choosing the meals. Four families face off in a brunch competition that includes a mandatory Red Light Special. In Budget Battle, families must make a comfort meal on a very uncomfortable budget. Then, the final teams must prepare a five-star dinner while playing Station Swap, a new game that will force the families to trade kitchens and groceries.

Competitors: Binbek Family, Landefeld Family, Lavin Family, Murphy Family

Judges: Melissa d'Arabian, Richard Blais, Aarti Sequeira

Keep checking back for more on the Guy's Grocery Games: Family Style competition, and go behind the scenes with the families.

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